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No Roots member would ever go off gallivanting in Clint City without taking one or two of Nova's cakes with them. The ex-shaman from Los Santos, whose hut was demolished by the old regime, took refuge with the Roots and uses her “therapeutic” culinary skills to liberate the tormented minds of Clint City's crazies. Cocoa, flowers, moss, assorted lichen and any other natural ingredient that can bring solace to over-heated minds and plunge them into a flowery world populated with sax-playing nightingales.


  • Shaman granny: Inflict 70 Damages with Nova

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base damage is 7, which is good for a 5*.
  • Her ability removes four damage from your opponent, which helps in case you are in danger of being KO'ed.
  • The minimum for her ability is two, which is low.
  • Her ability makes her a good bluff against your opponent.
  • The clan bonus cancels an opposing card's ability, which helps makes fights easier.


  • Her base power is 6, which is low for a 5*.
  • Her ability is Reprisal, meaning you only have two chances to activate it. It also makes her predictable.
  • She is weak against SoA, which cancels her ability and diminshes her value a bit.
  • She is a 5*, so she takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • She has competition from the other 5* in Roots.


  • She is one of the few cards who are from Los Santos, and are not affilated with the Huracan clan.
  • Her artwork, especially her second and fifth forms, have some similarities to Mama Odie from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog.
  • Her name is a reference to the French brand "Mamie Nova" which is specialized in yogurts and industrial pastry.
  • She is the 2014 Miss Clint City, thus making her the oldest known card to do so.
    • When this card was announced as the winner, it generated a lot of protest in the comments of the announcement. Though there was an equal pro-side that was happy for a Miss Clint City that wasn't pure cheesecake.

Full Artwork

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