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"Conspiracy theories? In Clint City, they're alive and kicking... We're the Oculus, also known as the Government or the Eye, and we govern the city from the shadows. We infiltrate everything, pulling the strings to bend to our supreme will."


Infiltrated: If only one other clan is present in the draw, the Oculus card is considered to be a part of that clan. If two other clans are present, the Oculus card will belong to the card of the sole clan, thus activating its bonus. If three other clans are present in the draw, or if you have more than one Oculus in your hand, the Infiltrated bonus has no effect.


  • They are the first clan to be mentioned in the game (although not officially as Oculus, but simply the Government), but the longest to be released.
  • Their name is a synonym for the word "eye", fitting their symbol, background and parasitic beings
  • Their logo is a red big eye in a triangle, surrounded by tentacles emitting from the triangle.
  • They are based off the principle of parasitism, which is a symbiotic relationship between species where the one organism, the parasite, lives in or inside another organism, which is the host, causing the host harm, and they are both adapting structurally to this way of life.
    • This was first seen, when the first two cards from the Oculus were named 'Hosts' and shown to inhabit special persons, as they were originally alien monsters.
  • They might also be based off the Horror Stories from H. P. Lovecraft, where in his stories, he described entities who possess mind control and are often portrayed as tentacle-like entities with only one eye in the middle of their bodies, fitting the Oculus's second name, the Eye.
  • The Oculus's finishing animation in their arena appears a shadow with giant cockroach-form beside to HQ´s opponent, then the shadow attack and destroy the HQ.
  • Their second bio reads as: "We can adapt ourselves and appropriate the strength of other clans which makes us very discreet. However, we work alone and agreement with the Leaders is impossible... Avoid putting us side by side!"
  • Their parasitic beings seem to be some sort of smaller version of some alien entity while their hosts seem to be former or current members of the existing clans, leading to the assumption that some clans have been spied on since they were founded.
    • This entity was later revealed to be Genesis, who has existed since the beginning and could therefore plot to take control of Clint City and its inhabitants.
    • As shown in Dark Copper's case, not all parasites seem to have the same color scheme with only being red, as there are some being multicolored, for his parasite being red and blue.
    • It was also shown that the parasites, before inhabiting someone, possess supernatural abilities, as Dark Copper ones was capable of emitting lightning bolts.
      • In his levels, it was also shown that the parasite seemingly transfers its abilities to the host, thus granting them enhanced strength and new abilities.
  • They are the first clan released to not be featured in the New Blood packs, and instead being released in their own special pack, called Oculus.
    • They are the first clan to be collectable via leveling up from Level 300 and above, making them unique in collecting.
  • They are the first clan seemingly fighting all other clans instead of only one or two like the other clans.
  • They seem to have a special rivalry with the Leader clan, probably due to the Leaders embodying hope in Clint City, and Oculus embodying corruption and destruction.
    • Their team ability is even the opposite of the Leaders. While Leader's team ability enforces the cards to work solo, Oculus members focus on imitating and copying other clans' abilities.
  • They are the first clan whose abilities only activate when they are paired with other clans shown on their ability's field and only when their bonus is active.
  • Their colors are red and black, the same colors as GHEIST.
  • There was also an announcement post, clarifying the Oculus's clan's structure, the story goes as: "According to the most recent studies, the Oculus is organized into 2 Orders: The Senior Advisers who broach the link between the clans and the "higher sphere". The Higher Sphere (or GOVERNMENT), that governs crazy Clint City from the shadows. They are apparently the connection between the megapole and a dark force that has managed to find its way in through the numerous dimensional faults. Thanks to all these temporal and dimensional disturbances, the Oculus is partially revealed, a chance for our clans to outwit this extra-terrestrial organization whose sole objective remains unknown.
  • "Oculus" (AKA The Eye) was first teased and named in an Urban Rivals Site maintenance which happened Monday, September 25th, 2017. Urban Rivals admins made a background story about the maintenance and then posted the story on the website page to introduce "Oculus" as a character.: "If there's one thing you've got to hand Ethane, it's her unique talent for sniffing out traitors and plots in the making, however big or small they might be. And of course, she knew that by following Pilzken's and Bryan's orders to infiltrate the GHEIST, disguised as Vryer, she was sure to uncover something untoward. But what she found went far beyond anyone's imagination. No clan had been spared and there was not one part of the city that wasn't under constant control and surveillance. The Oculus was everywhere… Everyone had always thought the Government was the scourge of the city, its damned and invisible soul, the be-all and end-all of Clint City. But therein lay the genius of the Oculus. People often say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. But with the Oculus, their greatest trick was to have convinced people they existed, but under a whole other form and a whole other name. And now the great attack is about to commence. As of Monday, they'll be setting their sights on databases, computer servers, and the market. Nothing will ever be quite the same again..."
  • In Dark Sobek's bio, it is revealed that for a citizen of Clint City to be taken over by the Oculus and become their puppet, they need a vice, an extreme one, depending on the citizen. In that case, it was Sobek's irresistible passion for murder.
  • The numbers that come after 'host' or 'advisor' on the cards' titles is a reference to the character in the artwork's id number.
    • This is the reason why Phalloide Ld does not have numbers in her name and is not called 'host' or 'advisor' because she was not an actual character in Clint City before being possessed.
    • This also applies with Pulp Ld and the POLIT-ranked members.
  • In Dark Serafina's bio, it is revealed that although they have been possessed, all Advisors retain some sort of conscience, meaning they might be fighting against the mental corruption, and can do some sort of action without being forced to.
    • This, however, indicates that at least all Hosts are probably evil and completely lost their own mentality and have been effectively corrupted and controlled by the Oculus.
    • This was further hinted at in Dark Eloxia's bio, as though it seemed she had been consumed by the parasite but might have secretly been fighting it while it was possessing her.
  • In Dark Nunavik's bio, it has been revealed that Nunavik was one of the first to encounter the Oculus as he already returned corrupted back to the Frozn village.
    • It is further implied that the Oculus are picking their targets on purpose, as not only to spread chaos and destruction between the clans, but also to destroy their living places, as mentioned in Dark Nunavik's bio.
  • There was an extra explanation for the POLIT as part of the Oculus, with the following statement explaining its structure: "In Clint City, a small number of companies based in Oculus Valley have had a huge influence on our day-to-day lives for the past few years that their collective name has become synonymous with the Government. They are Profile, Oilz, Limitless, Infinity and Talks, aka the POLIT. They've even given rise to fledgling companies... These businesses have reignited the Clint City myth of gold and oil prospectors becoming millionaires in just a few strikes of a pickaxe..."
  • In Dark Estalt's bio it was revealed that usually the parasites have difficulties infecting their hosts, as the victims always resist and are desperately fighting to maintain their freedom and not being corrupted.
    • However, there are apparently some individuals, that are not that resistant and embrace the parasites, like Estalt, who happens to also be Host 281.
  • So far, nearly all Advisors thus far have been revealed to be former leader or founders of the clans as well as high-ranking members, implying that all Advisors might be former leaders of the clans.
    • This suggests that the Oculus infect with system, as the Advisors have plenty of power and influence in the clans, further stretching the Oculus grip on the city.
  • In Dark Scarlett's bio, it was stated that once infected and taken over by the parasite, the host will turn evil, losing all kindness it previously inhabited and just becomes nothing more than jealousy, violence and bitterness.
    • It was further revealed that the parasite extinguishes the host's spirit, leaving an empty, void vessel.
  • For unknown reasons, so far, the only one powerful enough to be able to cure someone from the Oculus's virus is Dounia Mt's power, as she was able to heal Memento from the Oculus virus.
  • A story with the title "Inside Oculus" has been released alongside Dark Morphun's, detailing the Oculus's origins as well as their possible plans, with the story as following: "The reversed worlds are an alternate dimension that exist in parallel to the world as we know it. All the flora and fauna in this dimension are interconnected through a spirit controlled by just one creature - a superorganism. The key component of this dimension is a species of predator known as Oculus. During an experiment that went wrong, a human being was affected and an interdimensional contact with this "superorganism" was established, which in turn opened up a dimensional breach - the very first of its kind. Through this door, the Oculus have begun to shake up time and space, invading and consuming every era of Clint City. Now, more evolved than ever before, the Oculus is fine-tuning its strategy by organizing itself around the societal pillars of Clint City, that is to say, the environment, the army, fighting and above all, the consumption of Pillz. The Oculus can take over anyone, but what happens when it sets its sights on the Leaders?"
    • This story indicates, that even, although their enemies, some Leaders have been corrupted by the Oculus too and never intended to protect the city.
    • This story also confirms Morphun as the human in the story, with Advisor 274's bio saying he was corrupted and opened the gateways in the city.
    • This story may confirm the appearances of several Oculus, namely the POLIT and Advisor 274, as aliens impersonating humans, with their original shape being revealed later on.
  • In Dark Vansaar's bio, the true purpose and task of the Hosts was revealed to be disposing of all rebellious citizens of Clint City, maybe hinting at them being responsible for some cards turning both Cr and Mt.
    • His bio also revealed information about the former Government before the Polit took over, with the former being more of a military conquest-oriented institution rather than a solely economic-oriented institution.
    • His bio also revealed that some Advisor, if not all, have been giving a chance by Kate to become an Oculus, pondering the question between accepting new powers or staying in their former bodies.
      • This has been further consolidated by Dark X-Odus's bio, as it stated there, that he has been given the chance to return to his former clan, in his normal state or embrace the Oculus powers and become a member of the Oculus.
  • Dark X-Odus's bio is also the first to mention an elevator which seemingly takes all possible candidates to an unknown area where they seemingly meet the beings which will later inhabit them.
  • In Pulp Ld's bio, it was revealed what happens when a parasite does not find a host to inhabit, as they lose all their symbiotic abilities.
    • It was also stated that certain beings cannot be parasitized, however how and why has not been revealed any further.
    • Though when Tyres was released it was revealed that the Oblivion clan as a whole were immune to being assimilated.
  • With the reveal of Genesis, it was stated that Genesis sooner or later consumes the minds of all Hosts, meaning they are only temporary hosts and thus the Oculus are shifting constantly to provide new hosts for Genesis to corrupt and turn into his puppets.
  • So far, all parasites seem to consume/eat all their victims, the only members not known to have been eaten are the 4 Leaders (Dark Morphun, Dark Eklore, Dark Vansaar and Dark Solomon) as they have already been aliens before and Dark Uchtul, who seemingly turned into a smaller version of his parasite.
  • In an Instagram story it was revealed that individuals, who are mentally too strong, cannot be consumed and turned into an Oculus by the parasites, as it was further shown that for example the 4 sisters could not be turned into Oculus as their will is too strong and their mental will resist the Oculus.
    • This seems to indicate that the parasites can only latch onto people who are weak-willed or people who thrive on negative emotions or desires of the host in question.
    • This could also explain why the Oblivion clan survived in their original dimension.
  • They are the only clan to have one of the Seven Primeval Titans, as a clan leader (Genesis).
  • They are the clan with the most known enemies with 6 clans: the Bangers, Junkz, and Roots for trying to impose their edicts onto them, the Huracan for enforcing a dictatorship onto Los Santos, the Raptors not only because the clan consists mostly of criminals, but the plane crash that formed them (Raptors clan) was quickly hushed up by them, and Oblivion for Genesis' actions upon their home dimension as well as brandishing them as enemies for the common people of Clint City via their state driven media.
  • In Dark Vixen's bio, it is revealed that some members were threatened into joining the clan, otherwise the former clan of the member would become an immediate target for the Oculus clan's wrath.
    • It is also revealed that even though she suffered the same effects as with everyone else assimilated, she managed to retain enough clarity to transfer her soul into VeeXn.
  • Through Dark Vixen's bio, it was hinted that the Hive are one of the only clans who could cure someone of the Oculus parasites by having their minds be transferred into an artificial body, making them a natural enemy of the Oculus.

Advantages and Disadvantages



Members (33)


Entity (highest being of Oculus)

Polit (highest sub-clan of Oculus/Government)

Advisors (second highest sub-clan of Oculus/Manipulators)

Hosts (low rank of Oculus/Infiltrators)