Clan Junkz
Bonus +8 Attack
Ability -3 Opp Power, Min 6
Rarity Rare
Artist MattMoro
Released June 19, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 1/1
Stats lv 2 2/3
Stats lv 3 6/3
Stats lv 4 8/5 (Ability activated)


Fzzzzttt… action… fzzzzttt Junkz survivor… arcade falling, revolution in the streets… Aviria this time there’s no retreat, there is no surrender… a virus is rising, a prisoner from the past… forcing you to run, to escape his fury… out of the game, running in and out of the game… find your allies, fast, the countdown runs tonight… action, junkz survivor! Fzzzzttt.



  • Junkz Survivor: Win 15 rounds with Oriold in ELO mode.
  • True Junkz: Win 15 rounds with Oriold in tourney mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the card


  • As a 4*, 8 Power is nice and high.
  • 5 Damage is solid and can be a menace.
  • His ability is a solid -3 and has a minimum which is substantially lower than his Power. This means that a 9 Power card would be reduced to 6 Power. This would make battles much easier to win.
  • His bonus will also help in lower Pillz battles.
  • His stats are high enough that he can fare without his ability or bonus.


  • His Ability and Bonus don't exactly work together: the ability is better when more Pillz are used, whereas the Bonus is best used in lower Pillz battles.



  • Oriold's appearance very closely resembles the killer arcade machine from the Swedish short film, Kung Fury. In fact, his bio sounds very similar to the lyrics of the film's song 'True Survivor' sung by David Hasselhoff.
  • It was available in the BEATS thematic pack for 48 hours after release.
  • It could also be unlocked by completing a set of missions before 21/06/17.
  • It was released in honour of " the winning team of the Community Cup 2017: 0_Morebless-, Sir Murde, Unowen, MrJambo, 0 p3dr0-CG".
  • On his artwork, the level of the card is written on the overhead title of Oriold himself, for example Level 2 has "Pro 2" written on it, Level 3 has "Pro 3" etc.
  • He was released as a New Blood on 21/07/17 alongside Hurry Cody, Mallory, and Ahseya.

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