A notorious alcoholic, Oryon has joined the Sakrohms  after having been attacked by “clouds of mutant flies sent by evil forces”. Following this beer-induced crisis, Oryon awakens to find his head has been shaved and that he's in the Temple of Glor belonging to one Glibon Dashra Sakrh. Preferring it to the gutter, he decides to stay for a while.


These missions must be done to win the card.

  • A notorious alcoholic I: Gain 50 Heal Life Points with Lakit
  • A notorious alcoholic II: Gain 50 Life Points with Rahmzay in survivor mode
  • A notorious alcoholic III: Remove 80 Life points from your opponents with Belmundo in elo mode
  • A notorious alcoholic IV: Inflict 160 Damages with Slopsh in tourney mode
  • A notorious alcoholic V: Win 3 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Globumm Cr


  • In his hand, you can see the same beer that Elmer drinks, which is a parody of Duff beer (the brand the characters in The Simpsons drink).

Card Artwork

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