Ancient weapons, old clothes, creatures from a different era… The Clint City Asylum is full of treasures that its mentally ill interns - led by the mysterious Curator - take great care of. Ignore the cries and strange masks, their doors are always open and you're welcome for a first and last visit!


Asymmetry: Damage +3: If the opposing card is not opposite the card played, the card receives three damage.


  • Their base of operations is a nod to Arkham Asylum from the DC Universe and the Ravencroft Institute from the Marvel Universe.
  • Their logo is a brain, which represents the insanity that the clan is known for.
  • The clan's secondary bio reads as "The Asylum is a dangerous place, full of characters with damage like you've never seen before, and whose power is also pretty awesome! But will you be unpredictable enough for our bonus to be active at the time you need it most?"
  • Their colors are white, green, and blue, as well as yellow, red and purple.
  • They are the first clan since the GhosTown to introduce two new mechanics to the game; Symmetry and Asymmetry.
  • The clan's theme is based on various myths, legends, historical figures, an evil cult and a church.
    • They could also be based off of several sects in history, as well as the Illuminati, who also act like a secret society from the shadows.
  • Their clan name "Paradox" is a term for a seemingly reasonable statement or proposition but leads to a conclusion that is senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.
    • This fits with their theme of insanity and mentally unstable members.
  • The first wave character missions are a reference to prisons and insane asylums identifying inmates/patients.
  • They appear to have an intense rivalry with the Skeelz, as Elios was expelled from the Academy, and Xerpes had at least broken off some of the gate surrounding it.
  • They are one of the few clans to not mention the clan's leader by his name, instead referring to them under a title.
  • They also seem to be a refuge for rejected members of the other clans, as mentioned in Xerpes's, Elios's, Custodia's, Salvatores's and Annunnaki's bios.
  • They also appear to have a business relationship with the Nightmare , as Enigma interviewed the clan for possible members as well as made an offer with the Nightmare to recruit Alucard.
    • This could be due to Enigma having a "Vampire and Gargoyle" section in the Museum, for which he might specifically need members of the Nightmare clan.
  • As mentioned in Annunaki's bio, Enigma often himself approaches the new members and offers them a place in the Paradox.

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In 1 May 2020, Paradox's clan release, on the website of Urban Rivals appeared a slide with different images about conspiration, Illuminati, mind control and mind disease.

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