Pavel, better known by his code name AG700, was an elite spy from the small land of Poldachie-Golgovine, who completed the acrobatic missions his small government sent him on with true panache. Unfortunately, cuts made to the country's minimalist budget to pay for the vacations of a few nobles, left him utterly high and dry. Disgusted with the situation, Pavel left his country and took up residence in Clint City where he decided to join the Sentinel. But Havok is a hard nut to crack especially when faced with such a dubious liability. But with good will, hard work and after relinquishing his old material and embarking on an intensive language course, Pavel quickly proved his worth and found missions worthy of his skill at slow motion jumps when under enemy fire!


  • Hotshot Fuzz: Win 25 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Pavel
  • Expert in Bullet Time: Win 40 rounds with Pavel
  • I'll jump on it!:

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • He has a solid power of 7.
  • He also has a very nice 7 damage.
  • His bonus increases his attack by 8, which helps him win rounds more easily.
  • His ability preserves his good stats.


  • He's a 5 star so he takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • His ability doesn't quite help him win the round, but on the plus side at least SOA doesn't usually hurt him.


  • His first level artwork is based off of James Bond, who is also a super-secret spy that works for the government. His code name is also similar to Bond's, who is called 007.
  • His bio and one of his missions (Hotshot Fuzz) is a nod to the film, Hot Fuzz, which was about a high-ranking cop who is dismissed for flimsy reasons and has to start a new life in another city.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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