Clan Bangers
Bonus Power +2
Ability Dope 3, Max. 4
Rarity Common
Artist Grelin
Released October 11, 2018
Stars 5
Stats lv 3 4/1
Stats lv 4 5/3
Stats lv 5 8/5 (ability activated)


Abandoned by her imprisoned father, Pharah was brought up by a senior military officer from La Junta. Her adoptive father was very tough on her. He even went as far as banning her from joining the famous All Stars basketball team, captained by the great Crazy Carlo… But not one to be easily put off, every evening Pharah seeks out her team for a StreetBall session, spicing up the matches by firing off some rounds on her bazooka. And judging by the crowds gathering in the Bangers' streets, it would seem that people are quite enjoying this explosive extravaganza!


  • Bazooka: Win 10 rounds with Pharah.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Both her name and bio are based off Pharah, one of the characters from the popular MMORPG, Overwatch.
  • She is the first Bangers card drawn by Grelin.
  • She is Helsa's daughter.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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