Clan GhosTown

Day: +1 Power & Damage

Night: -1 Opp Power & Damage

Ability Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz out of 3
Rarity Common
Artist Unknown
Released July 7, 2016
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 3/1
Stats lv 2 5/2
Stats lv 3 6/4 (Ability activated)


RIP Powaqa, a Red-Skin medicine woman of the Red-Skins who promoted peace and reconciliation between the two peoples, but sadly lost her life in a horrific epidemic. She had allowed a man of God into the day to day life of her tribe, but unfortunately, he didn't just bring religion with him but also miasma and illness.


  • RIP Powaqa: Gain 15 pillz with Powaqa

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • As a 3*, 6 Power and 4 Damage is decent. (Paired with her Day ability, she is capable of 5 (or 7) Damage with a solid 7 Power to back it up).
  • Her Ability equals the Vortex's bonus, and therefore is pretty good, all while not being essential to this card's effectiveness.


  • She is nothing spectacular, despite being a solid card, and has competition from other 3* in the GhosTown Clan.


  • This card works in a Night-GhosTown deck because of the synergy between her Defeat ability and the damage reduction of the Night Bonus.
  • That being said, she can work in a Day deck since she will be a 3* 7/5, which is great. She can be used as a bluff or a solid attacker and then have something to fall back on thanks to her ability.


  • It's possible that the tribe she used to belong to was the same one as Hawk and Sequoyah.
  • She could be based off of the main character from Pocahontas (which was in turn based on Pocahontas).
    • Just like the real Pocahontas, Powaqa also died young from a European disease.
  • Her and her tribes' deaths are a nod to how early European settlers would bring their diseases to the Native American tribes they came across. Due to never encountering these diseases, the Native Americans' bodies weren't used to fighting them (many of the settlers rarely helped) and ended up getting wiped out by it.
  • Her name means ''Witch'' in the Native American's language.
  • Her death is later avenged by her father who executed Padre Frollo.

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