Clan Riots
Bonus Victory or Defeat : +1 Pillz
Ability Victory or Defeat : +1 Pillz
Rarity Uncommon
Artist LazeTrauma
Released December 23, 2016
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 4/4
Stats lv 3 7/4 (Ability activated)


During his experiments and particularly around Christmas, Pr Hide has always been disturbed by the fun and games of the children of Riotsville. "Children are useless and need punishing!" So, Pr Hide decided to steal a Xantiax sample and change it into a gas that would ruin the festivities! Unfortunately, he had an accident…


  • I Hate Christmas: Gai 20 pillz with Pr Hide.
  • Grinch: Gain 100 pillz with Pr Hide in tournament mode.


Pr Hide appears in the webcomic, Weihnachts Kohle, where he creates a sinister formula that will ruin all the Christmas chocolate treats in his city and needs Tiwi Ld to make some special mini robots that can release the formula.

After his assistant, Kougloff finds out that Frozn is looking for them, they escape with the little Yeti into the Forbidden Forrest of Orfahwood. After going through a series of traps and falling into a pit, they are rescued and spared thanks to Tiwi's intervention. As thanks for his mercy, Pr Hide sends him a package with a nicer version of the formula.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His third level artwork is based off of the Grinch, the main character from the popular Christmas story, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!".
  • His name is taken from Mr. Hyde, the main character from the popular science-fiction novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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