Clan Riots
Bonus Victory or defeat: +1 pillz
Ability Copy opp bonus
Rarity Uncommon
Released May 26, 2017
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 1/3
Stats lv 3 3/4
Stats lv 4 5/7
Stats lv 5 8/7 (ability activated)


The energy of the Resistance of the future has ancient origins, otherwise known as Pr Priest. On leaving the academy of science, Pr Priest was obsessed with just one thing and that was to develop teleportation. But he lurched from failure to failure until one fateful day when, convinced of his calculations, he decided to try out his latest prototype. Horrifically severed into two beings, he lived on in the form of semi-solid, unstable energy, while his other side slowly died of accelerated degeneration. This energy was baptized as Hive energy due to its hexagonal shaped molecules. And a thousand years went by in the future before they could stabilize it... Isn't that right, Lumia?


  • Hive Energy: Win 10 fights with a knockout from Pr Priest.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • As a 5* with 8/7 stats and a Copy Opp Bonus, Pr Priest is very stable and can be relied on for a winning round.



  • It's revealed that he indirectly lead to the creation of the energy that the Hive uses, which can be seen being used on some of the Hive's cards.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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