Purgatory is a fictional town in the Urban Rivals. It is located far west of Clint City, past a great desert and the Rocky Mountains.


Purgatory is a mysterious realm located between the world of the living and the dead that takes the form of a wild west town during the great gold rush (1848-1855). Apparently, this was supposed to be a place where various people who had died during that era were to settle until it was time for them to go to the Great Beyond. Due to the whims of GhosTown's leader, Judge Lynch, these citizens can't go on to their eternal reward and have been stuck in town until 2017 when they discovered that gold existed in Clint City that drove them to leave Purgatory and return to the land of the living.


The two main ways to get into Purgatory is either through the great desert or to have died during the gold rush. No one is sure why certain people are allowed in (if they're living) or why the souls have not been able to leave (if they're dead). The citizens are the ghosts of people who died violently or in accidents that may have been due to their own stupidity or bad luck. The ghosts are bright blue and appear as how they died (example: bullet holes if they were shot to death). Interestingly, they have special powers related to their deaths and/or how they lived. (John O Clock can turn into charging train if he shoves enough coal into his stomach.) There are animals, but other than their bodies are transparent enough to see their bones, there's no real damage on them.

The town and its residents are stuck in their era and have no knowledge of the outside world and that time has passed them by. So the residents opt to go on with their daily lives and tell stories to pass the time.


Since Purgatory is based off the old west, the town has a desert climate. Which might place it somewhere between Los Santos (as Tuco was a former resident and some places of Los Santos are desert areas to grow cacti) and Saudi.

Places of Interest

  • General Store: An unnamed store run by Ratanah Mt (who is still alive). Though it is only mentioned in the webcomic.
  • Purgatory Saloon: A sterotypical wild west saloon that is run by Burton. (Adele also works there as a barmaid.)
  • Characters who work in the Saloon:

Burton (barman)

Adele (barmaid)

Guillotinette (performer, Duo with Ennio)

Ennio (pianist, Duo with Guillotinette)

Poppy Mary (cabaret dancer)



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