HURACAN 42 (1).png
Clan Huracan
Bonus +1 Attack Per Life Left
Ability Stop Opp. Bonus
Rare Rare/Collector/Mythic
Artist Arctopicto
Released January 6, 2017
Retired April 18, 2018
Went Mythic January 21, 2021
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 1/1
Stats lv 2 1/3
Stats lv 3 2/6
Stats lv 4 8/6 (ability activated)


Wrenched from a centuries-old sleep, Quetzal, a legendary, mummified Santoztec hero, belonging to the first people of Los Santos, has made a pact with Noctezuma Cr. The ancient warrior has promised to bring together all the fighters of Clint City and organize a Golden Throne Tournament in which he will take on El Divino himself... Revenge is a dish best served cold!


  • Rebirth: Win 20 rounds with Quetzal in survival mode.
  • Fighting God: Win 10 fights finishing with a knock out with Quetzal.
  • Quetzal's Heir: Win 1,000 fights with at least 2 Huracan.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name could be a nod to the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl.
  • In the Vs event, Fly You Fools! You Are Not Prepared, El Gringo challenged him to a fight for control of the Huracan.
    • Since this was a joke event, the odds were stacked in Quetzal's favor and he won. 
  • The story about his retirement: "Much-loved poster child and legendary hero, Santosztec, doesn’t plan on spending his time fighting. He’s already proved he’s the strongest. So, with time on his hands, he's taken to lazing around on the Ulu beaches, far from the quarrels of the Noctezuma family. But short of ideas on how to deal with Mama's constant orders, he’s taken up some Montana friends' offer to arrange his own kidnapping…"
  • His mythic story goes as: "With the strength of new recruits like El Cascabel, the Santoztec hero, now weary from constant combat, can finally rest in peace... So, Quetzal Cr decides to regain his golden tomb, settling down for another centuries-old sleep. And who knows? If the luchadores of the future ever find themselves short on fighting material, they might even make a new pact to bring him back to life?"

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