Urban Rivals Wiki

The cards of Clint City are divided into different rarities. This gives a rough classification to how easy it is to obtain a character, how much it may cost, and how useful/powerful it may be ingame.

There are six rarities.

  • Common cards are easiest to obtain in a pack and four or five of them appear in a full deck at the shop. Their names are normally in a bronze-red background.
  • Uncommon cards are relatively easy to get, and two or three of them appear in each full deck. Their names are normally in a silver background.
  • Rare cards tend to be the hardest cards to get, with only one appearing in each full deck purchased. Their names are normally in a golden background.
  • Collector cards are the second hardest to get in the game. They are embroidered with gold around the edges of the card and have a "Cr" at the end of their name.
  • Legendary are cards that can only be obtained by completing the missions that require you to get them. The edges of the cards are highlighted in a Purple background.
  • Mythic are the rarest cards in the game. The color for this type of card is blue and emerald, and a different background image and a special visual effect appears during combat with the same color.