Clan Jungo
Bonus +2 life
Ability Courage: Stop ability
Rarity Rare
Artist Mathias Ninot
Released June 24, 2016
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 8/1 (ability activated)
Stats lv 3 8/3
Stats lv 4 8/5
Stats lv 5 8/6


Regina the frog was one of the zoo's main attractions: she could jump from incredibly high heights and perform acrobatics like no other known frog! And after the fall of the meteorite, her transformation was incredible. Not only did she now possess a strong, slender, muscular body, but she had the speed and coordination of the best Kung Fu masters… not to mention a strange addiction to pizzas… And now Askai has taught her how to wield the same weapons as those used in his favorite TV show, one thing's for sure: you'd better not try sneaking into the Jungo zoo without an invitation. Not never!


  • Which weapon today?: Gain 60 Life Points with Regina in survivor mode
  • Kawabunga!: Gain 60 Life Points with Regina in elo mode

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • She has a high power of 8.
  • Her 6 damage can make it possible to 2HKO with other members of the Jungo.
  • Her ability is SOA, which definitely comes in handy.
  • She has her ability from the start, which makes her easily playable at any level.
  • Her bonus gives the player 2 life, which can make an 8 life gap if her damage isn't reduced.


  • She is a 5*, so she takes up a lot of room in a deck.
  • Her ability is courage based, which makes her predictable.


  • She is based off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In each of her levels, she wields a weapon that is wielded by each of the four brothers.
    • The sais in her first level are wielded by Raphael.
    • The wooden bo in her second level is wielded by Donatello.
    • The nun-chucks in her third level are wielded by Michelangelo.
    • The swords in her final level are wielded by Leonardo.
  • Interestingly, she can also be a nod to the Ninja Turtles allies, the Punk Frogs, who share a similar origin to the turtles.
  • The statement to liking pizza in her bio is a reference to the fact that pizza is the turtles' favorite food.
  • She is one of the few cards in UR who has her ability from the start.
  • The name of her second mission is an alternative spelling of the Ninja Turtles' catchphrase, Cowabunga.

Card Artwork

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