RiK-L 02.png
Clan Vortex
Bonus Defeat: Rec. 2 Pillz Out Of 3
Ability Reprisal: -2 Opp Pwr & Dmg, Min 1
Rarity Rare
Artist Terenard
Released August 2, 2019
Stars 5
Stats Lv2 2/1
Stats Lv3 4/3
Stats Lv4 7/5(Ability activated)
Stats Lv5 7/7


The esteemed genius, Rahi Sledon, constantly studies crystal-based life forms. After a few void attempts, the professor uncovers an old project and finally finds a way to bring life to the Vortex crystal by inverting one of his equations... By taking a closer look at how things are done on the Dominion side, he realizes how he might be able to give life to his project entitled "RiK-L". This now autonomous, smart little piece of crystal is capable of grafting muscle and bolt-based mechanisms onto himself... independent and formidable in battle, this tiny thing evolves within a clan of nutcases... not sure this is a good sign...


  • M... M... M... Marty !: Block 90 Damage with a Vortex.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Both his name and artwork are based off of Rick Sanchez, one of the main characters from the popular adult animated series, Rick and Morty.
    • In particular, he's based on the Pickle Rick episode as he's basically a living inanimate object that manages to construct a powered armor by himself.

Full Artwork

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