Riotspolis seems to be a suburban city underneath Clint City. It is the birthplace of the Riots clan, and has been featured in the bios of many of their cards.


Riotspolis was created at the turn of the 20th century by a collection of wise men who wanted to make their own isolated utopia. (According to Melody's profile, the first inauguration was in 1920.) For over a century, they have been able to keep their utopia until the building of the Clint City Subway intervened.

The city was founded by Pericles Aristide who ruled, until he went Cr and ultimately Mt, his daughter Octana now assumes power of the clan (albeit with Rockwall to form The Rocktana) with help from a council. Tragically, the city was destroyed in the webcomic, The Escape, where it was flooded in revenge for the pollution it was causing to the people of Aquanius (this incident is now referred to as The Great Flood). Since then, the citizens now live on a Zeppelin that flies over Clint City.


Riotspolis has a heavy steampunk influence (with some ancient Greek ones) and is connected with a series of waterways (not unlike Venice). The people have begun to adopt a budding form of technology called, Copernica (named after Dr Copernica, that was made by accident), that is being used to create new and more powerful gadgets. In Quinzel's profile it is hinted that stealing Thermonium (the fuel that powers Copernica technology) results in exile of the offender (as she was arrested by Strygia and was on the plane that resulted in the Raptors clan being formed), and that only Riots members can use it.

Their government appears to consist of a sort of ruling body called the Riotsville Council (Pr Balthazar is one of them), which was led by Pericles. Given that education is very important to citizens, all children must take an aptitude test to determine the career path they should follow. While some may find this oppressive, it appears to be a highly efficient system given the technological advances it's brought.

The common mentality of the populace is based on rationality and logic. Thus, making holidays like Christmas (which appeals more to the heart and emotions) hardly celebrated. But the holiday could be making a possible comeback thanks to the children of Riotspolis (see Kenjy Noel).

In Dr Van Wesel Ld's profile it is implied that before the discovery of the clan, that in order to explore outside of Riotspolis someone would have to files papers to get approved (similar to applying for a visa in real life).

Places of Interest

  • House of De Couture: A popular fashion house and home to De Couture that specializes in spider-weaved fabrics.
  • University of Riotspolis: An educational facility where children are tested to see what career they will be assigned to.
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