Clan Sentinel
Bonus +8 Attack
Ability Courage: Atk +9
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Ples001
Released April 14, 2017
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 2/5
Stats lv 3 6/5 (Ability activated)
Stats lv 4 7/5
Stats lv 5 8/6


I was suspended because my methods were judged too hasty: I just did what needed to be done. My investigation is too important to be abandoned; there are answers I still have to find…and a threat that cannot be ignored...what could this black eye be hiding? …Certain individuals have managed to infiltrate every realm of the city, be it political, health or crime-related... even among my colleagues, there's someone not telling the truth and doing all they can to get in my way... I must stop them!


  • The Punisher: Inflict 100 damage in elo mode with Rust.
  • Vendetta: Inflict 100 damage in survivor mode with Rust.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • As a 5*, base 8/6 stats are good. The 6 Damage means he can 2HKO with other members of Sentinel. His 8 Power paired with his Ability+Bonus virtual +17 Attack make him a versatile card that can win low and high Pillz battles.
  • The opponent will have to Pillz a lot to beat this card, especially in low Pillz battles. For example,(on Courage) Rust with no additional will have 8+8+9=25 Attack. An 8 Power card will have to Pillz at least 3 extra Pillz to beat him.
  • Because of this, he is a strong bluff card.
  • His base stats are strong enough that he can hold his own without Ability or Bonus.


  • His Ability is Courage-based, so it is predictable and only useful for half the match.
  • He is weak to Power and Damage reduction.
  • Losing his Ability and/or Bonus makes this card lose a lot of its strength.
  • He is just a beat stick, and will not give the player Heal, +Pillz (though one could argue he saves on Pillz), or hit the other player with -Opp Life or Poison.


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