RAPTORS v2.png
Clan Raptors
Bonus Cancel Opp. Attack Modif.
Ability Cancel Opp. Life Modif.
Rarity Uncommon/Collector
Released July 10, 2015
Retired January 11, 2021
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 5/1
Stats lv 2 8/2(Ability activated)


The unscrupulous ex-accountant of the Clint City criminals used to be a pretty ordinary guy to look at with his suit, tie, glasses and obligatory receding hairline. But after ending up in prison for money laundering, his life was left hanging by a thread. The thing was Ryujin knew too much and only managed to survive thanks to the ancestral teachings passed on to him by his venerable father. However, it wasn't until he found himself in the world of the dinosaurs that these martial art skills really came into their own. After a short period of adjustment during which he only lost an eye, he managed to amass a real arsenal from the teeth, claws, skulls and bones of the reptiles and humans who'd foolishly made the mistake of crossing his path. Faced with this rōnin of modern times, the head of the clan himself had to beat him in a duel before Ryujin would finally accept to join forces with the Raptors.


  • Shogunate Macabre: Win 15 rounds with Ryujin

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 8, which is good for a 2*.
  • His base damage is 2, but becomes 4 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Raptors.
  • His ability cancels abilities that manipulate yours or your opponent's life, which makes him good to use against Jungo and Berzerk.
  • His ability also helps to nullify cards, like: Ozzy, Oxen and Kazayan.
  • The clan bonus cancels all attack modification, which helps in low-pill fights.
  • He is a 2*, so he makes room in your deck.
  • He starts off with his ability, so he is usable then.


  • His base damage is 2, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • He is weak against cards, like: Astrid, Elvis, and Ojibway, who not only cancel out his ability, but also reduce his life.
  • He has competition from the other 2* in Raptors.
  • His ability will also cancel out Backlash based on life, which means he will work against you if going up against cards such as Uchtul, Cortez, or Ghoonbones.


  • He is one of the few cards in UR who has his ability right from the start.
  • His bio is partially based off of the plot from the South Korean film, Oldboy.
  • His mission name, Shogunate Macabre, is the name of an album from the metal band, Whispered (which has a lot of Japanese influences).
  • The tattoos in his second level art and his name could be a reference to the mythological dragon deity, Ryūjin.
  • His departure story goes as: "In a rapid arms race, all the clans have maxed themselves up to the hilt with mega weapons and monstrous beasts capable of wiping out all the monsters from the past. As a result, the La Junta soldiers no longer have the monopoly on military might and need to do something about it fast. After the defeat of Mechakolos, Vryer offers La Junta a mutual beneficial arrangement: the construction plans for Ed 25 in exchange for crucial information on the engine that powers Mechakolos. And to avoid any sort of double-dealing, the exchange must take place in the middle of the Saudi desert, as far away as possible from the GHEIST and the La Junta bases. Bryan, the charismatic clan commando has volunteered to leave Clint City and bring back this precious information. However, what he doesn't realize is that Ryujin has been given an order to intercept and destroy the plans for Ed 25! Rex Sweig has asked him to do this to prevent the creation of robotic creatures capable of annihilating his dinosaurs! But despite all these efforts, can you really stop progress?"

Card Artwork

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