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Start shaking infidels! The Sakrohms spread the word of the Creator-of-All-Things and Great Cosmic Entity, Glibon Dashra Sakrh, the old-fashioned way. These missionaries are trying to convince the government that the only way to avoid a war against other stellar peoples is to burn all works of science-fiction as they are a vehicle of anti-alien sentiment.

Release Date

September 17th, 2006


-8 opp attack, min 3 - The opponent’s Attack points are reduced by 8 points or up to a minimum of 3. If the opponent's number of Attack points are lower or equal to 3, then the ability has no effect.

Sakrohm's weapon

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Their bonus decreases the opposing card's attack by 8, with a minimum of 3, which helps them in low-pillz fights.
  • Many of the cards have very good damage.
  • Some of the cards also have high base power.
  • Many of the cards have good abilities that deal with gaining damage or taking it away from your opponent.
  • Their bonus helps to counteract Junkz and Sentinel's bonuses.
  • They are a relatively cheap clan to collect.


  • Their bonus isn't that good in comparison to Montana and Uppers, who also have attack reduction bonus.
  • They rely heavily on their bonus to win, so they are weak when going up against Nightmare, Piranas, and any card with SOB.
  • They also have issues with Raptors cards, due to the Raptors clan's bonus canceling out attack mods.
  • Some of the cards are also weak against SOA.
  • They do not fare well in mono decks.
  • Many of the cards are often banned from ELO, and they are not a really good clan to use there, either.


  • The Sakrohm's finishing animation has the Sakrohm card and the opponent's card being teleported to space. There, the opponent's card is attacked by alien spaceships, who blast the card with lasers, until it disappears.
  • The Sakrohm's finishing animation in their arena appears a UFO, in its center opens a gate and comes out a laser cannon and shoot against opponent´s HQ.
  • Some fans call the clan Saks for short.
  • Some fans once thought that the clan was more of a cult, as some of the female members were bald in most of their max levels and was mentioned in the B-Team comic by Havok, in which Uranus (the Saks B-Team rep) denied.
  • The colors of the Sakrohm are yellow and grey.
  • The clan's secondary bio reads "Excuse me, but have you got two rounds to talk about Glibon Dashra Sakrh? Two rounds is all it takes us to wipe out the most skilled players with our life manipulators and damage reducers. Too unstable you say? You may be right, but our gameplay is out of this world."
  • In Annunaki's bio implies that they take they're God's (Glibon Dashra Sakrh) character seriously, to the point of excommunicating offending members.

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