Sharp mind and dashing good looks… Incredibly skilled with every vehicle, as long as it has any number of wheels… Her favorite weapon is the laser lasso… Does Sarah remind you of someone? Her unorthodox uniform and loose cannon style are the main reason why Shaakarti decided to personally take care of the new Vortex recruits in the future from now on. But since the end justifies the means, Dregn can tolerate Sarah's behavior, as long as his orders are carried out effectively!


  • The descendant: Gain 75 pillz with Sarah
  • Crystal Rodeo: Do 75 Poison Damage with Sarah

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • According to the game admins, Sarah is a descendant of Jessie and Enzo (who were a couple in the webcomics). Her cowboy clothes and lasso skills comes from Jessie while her purple wardrobe and talent with vehicles comes from Enzo.
  • In her final level, you can see the date, August 24th, on the windshield of her motorbike. This was a hint to Streex's even release.

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