Ever the skeptic, it had taken some time for Dr Scoler to adjust to Mandy's unusual personality, not to mention all the strange goings-on taking place in Clint City. But he and Mandy worked on so many bizarre cases, ranging from the crash of a vessel to the opening of strange interdimensional portals, that in the end the doctor had to admit that certain Sakrohm missionaries were not really human. The closing down of the CBI was a huge blow for the pair of investigators and Scoler ended up joining the Rescue clan thinking he could leave this life of conspiracies behind him. But he hadn’t factored in Mandy's new investigation, in which a new alien body had turned up, dragging Scoler into a horrifying conspiracy from which he feared he might never emerge in one piece!


  • …behind two truths!: Win 30 rounds with Scoler

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  • Both him and Mandy (who were both released on the same day) are a nod to the sci-fi series, X-Files, with him playing the role of Dana Scully. Like Scully, Scoler is also a doctor (except that she dropped that career to join the FBI while Scoler did the opposite).

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