Some of the Bangers' rappers were starting to get bored with Bodenpower's radical line on better rights, blah, blah, blah. This was certainly the case for Sean East who'd had enough of living in the hood while alongside them the Uppers were leading the good life with their fast cars by the dozen and lobster a go-go! So, it was no surprise when the Bangers teamed up with Lady to break into the more lucrative hip hop scene with hits like "Don't be a Banga, Be a Winna" and created a real empire with his East Productions company. Having become a millionaire, the producer didn't have any qualms about poaching up-and-coming rap stars by showering them with girls, fancy houses and fast cars. And if they refused? No problem, you just needed to beat them into submission!


  • Empire: Remove 20 lifepoints from your opponents with Sean East.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He could be based off of highly acclaimed hip-hop artist, producer and actor, Sean Combs, better known by his stage name, P.Diddy.
  • His name seems to be based off hip-hop artist and producer, Kanye West.
  • The band of underwear he's wearing in his first level is a parody of the fashion company, Calvin Klein.

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