Driven away from her native land that had fallen into the hands of a large Uppers' company, Sequoyah was nonetheless able to save the knowledge passed down to her by the tribe’s female doctor. She then spent several years travelling the world uncovering new medicinal skills and techniques from other cultures. She finally ended up settling down in Clint City where she qualified as a doctor and studied how to combine the new medical technological advances with the knowledge she had acquired. However, faced with a refusal from the Clint City General Hospital to help her in her "unprofitable" research, she turned to the Rescue clan where she uncovered a team of true enthusiasts with whom she managed to create new remedies, despite the presence of slightly dubious practitioners like Pastor.


  • Medical Breakthrough: Inflict 50 Damages with Sequoyah
  • Tribal Heritage:

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  • It's possible that the land she lived on was the same one that Hawk's family lived on before it was purchased by Zlatar Cr.
  • Her name possibly comes from Sequoia trees, hence her connection to using plants in medicine.
  • Sequoia or Sequoyah is also a Cherokee name.

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