Clan Fang Pi Clang
Bonus +2 Damage
Ability Defeat: Dope 1, max 13
Rarity Rare
Artist Unknown
Released October 27, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 3/1
Stats lv 2 4/2
Stats lv 3 8/4
Stats lv 4 8/5 (Ability activated)


Like Yin and Yang, the clan has it's dark and light side, Grasshopper... and one of its dark sides was famous during the era of the Sàng dynasty's fighting princes. Shao Xue was a powerful sorcerer who was believed to have tried to prolong his life with strange sacrificial magic. But these are just stories told to frighten young disciples. Of course, these characters don't really exist...


Advantages & Disadvantages


  • 8 Power is great for a 4*.
  • 5 base Damage, which with the Bonus becomes 7 Damage, is menacing.
  • His Ability acts as a fallback plan or a bluff: if he loses, the user gets a Pill every turn until the end of the match.
  • He's a good card to lead with, as 7 or 9 Damage is huge, the 8 Power ensures that he can win, and the Ability acts as a Plan B in case you lose.



  • He is based off of Lo-Pan, the main antagonist from the action/comedy film, Big Trouble in Little China. Like Shao Xue, Lo-Pan was also a sorcerer who used dark magic. His first level form is similar to how Lo-Pan looked in the movie before he regained his powers.

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