In Sheryl's family, the occupation of sailor, and more particularly petty officer, has been passed down through the generations from mother to daughter. But being taken on as a crew member doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with being accepted. Despite her remarkable skill with the cat o' nine tails, young Sheryl was still finding it hard to gain acceptance among the proud Piranas. It was only after a dual with Katan, who left her with an ugly scar across her face as a souvenir, that she finally earned the respect of Bloodh. Having since been promoted to matron-in-chief, she lambasts the Piranas' oarsmen by singing "You are a Pirate" along with the rest of the crew, in time to the strokes of her whip.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • She removes three pillz from your opponent after you win with her.
  • She has a 6 damage which is good.
  • Her bonus helps secure her ability against Roots and Gheist.


  • Her minimum for her ability is 4, which is a bit high.
  • She must be played in the first two rounds to maximize her ability.
  • A 6 power is a bit low for a 4 star.
  • She is a 4 star, so she takes up room in your deck.


  • The "You are a Pirate" song is from the show, Lazy Town.
  • Sheryl could be a reference to Franziska von Karma of the Ace Attorney Games, since they both have aquamarine hair and a whip.
  • Every level Sheryl gains, she gets an extra tassle on her Cat O Nine Tails. However, despite it's name, it doesn't reach the number nine in her artwork.
  • Concept Art
  • Sheryl looks like Ivy [1]from the game Soul Calibur.

Card Artwork

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