Clan Bangers
Bonus +2 Power
Ability Stop Opp Ability
Rarity Rare
Artist LazeTrauma
Released November 24, 2017
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 2/6
Stats lv 3 3/7
Stats lv 4 5/8
Stats lv 5 7/8 (Ability activated)


Shinobi began her career in the financial and corporate sector but quickly came to the conclusion that she was just another disposable commodity. These days, she's fighting back against the system with wild happenings in which she pours out her rap and hatred into their very offices.

Web comic

This card hasn't appeared in a web comic yet.


  • Tension: Inflict 500 damage with Shinobi.
  • Evil Boy: Win 50 rounds with Shinobi in Survivor mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages




  • On her lower right ankle, you can see the black eye symbol that has appeared in the webcomics and Rust's profile.
  • On her right upper arm, it reads, "Why so powerful?" which is a nod to the famous quote, "Why so serious?".
  • Shinobi is a nod to the singer, Yolandi Visser, from the South African hip-hop group, Die Antwoord.
    • The names of her missions come from one of the band's songs, Evil Boy and their second album, Tension.
    • The ninja line from her announcement is a nod to Die Antwoord's other member, Ninja.
    • Her fellow New Blood, Absolem, is also based off of Die Antwoord's members.

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