Sir Lambda 02.png
Clan Dominion
Bonus Growth: -1 Opp Pwr, Min 4
Ability Degrowth: +1 Life
Rarity Common
Artist Zechtorian
Released June 21, 2018
Stars 5
Stats lv2 1/1
Stats lv3 1/2
Stats lv4 2/2
Stats lv5 7/5 (Ability activated)


Sir Lambda is a simple soldier from Death Adder's army. With the help of his companions, he defends the walls of the castle against invaders. In the event of a siege, they are capable of building catapults and bolt throwers at breakneck speed, so they can propel whatever comes to hand in the face of their enemies. Figurine n°14 from the Dominion range, made by Zlatar Toys.


  • The Knight: Gain 20 life points with Sir Lambda.

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