Skeelz Academy
Skeelz Academy
Location: Clint City

Skeelz Academy Staff


  • Caelus Cr (Retired headmaster and former teacher of the Mind controlling class)
  • Waldegrin (New headmaster)


  • Aigwon (Nature Studies teacher)
  • Anton (Math and physics/Space and Time teacher)
  • Blackie (Professor of Voice and Auditory Art)
  • Cley (Head teacher of the Art of Combat class)
  • Dr Falkenstein (Necromancy & Second Death Exploration teacher or the new Mind controlling class teacher)
  • Greem Cr (Former Teacher of the Death Exploration class)
  • Goure (Teacher of Potion Making)
  • Kephren (Professor of Ancient Magic, currently in an unknown class (due to his uniform being gold instead of indigo, blue, purple, orange, or green)). Could possibly be a prefect.
  • Mandrak (Professor of The "Defense Against the Dark Forces of the 7 Dimensions" class)
  • Navi (Professor of Mental Arts)
  • Nekron (Assistant to Greem/Black Magics Teacher)

Support Staff (White)

Skeelz Academy Students

Art of Combat class (Orange)

Death Exploration class (Indigo)

Mind Controlling class (Purple)

Nature Studies class (Green)

Space and Time mastering class (Blue)

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