Rumors have been spreading through the lands, saying that an old, powerful vampire is about to awake again. The inhabitants laugh at them, but Slayer, the vampire-hunter, senses that it's true. Therefore, she stopped her mission trip and got back to Clint City in search for clues. The only way to put an end to her curse is by killing the vampire that bit her, a long time ago, when she still was an innocent girl and not the invincible and fearless hunter she is now... Slayer will not forget. Slayer will not forgive. Her enchanted blade is thirsty for blood, and if Ielena's brother is really about to awake again, he shall finally pay for what he did!


  • On the road to vengeance: Gain 120 Life Points with Slayer
  • The vampire slayer: Block 120 damage with Slayer

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  • Her bio and her last level artwork are based off of the popular comic book hero, Blade, who, like Slayer, is also a vampire and hunts vampires to find and kill the one that turned him.
  • She is the first Pussycat to have a base power of '9'.
  • Her name and her profession could also be a reference to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.
  • Her name might be a reference to Slayer from the Guilty Gear series.
  • She is one of 6 non-humans in the Pussycats, with Lois Ld (who is an Alien), Nabrissa (who is a cat), and Sera M1 and Chasey (who are robots), and Ashikaze Ld (who is an AI)being the others.
  • The "old, powerful vampire" referenced in the bio was Dragomir, who was released a month before this card, and she is out to seek vengeance on him.

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