Testing in practice the students' spells can be hard: benches on fire, frozen chairs, statues coming alive, people reduced to the dimension of an ant or transformed into zombies... what a mess! But Galactea found the solution: mixing together the mysterious 'dark matter' and a Vortex crystal recovered by Tomas in one of his missions, she created a little, cute and indestructible creature. And since Sparky feeds on magic itself, no matter what kind of spell you will throw at him, Sparky will be happy and beg you for more! It's the perfect test subject, for Greem's and Mandrak's relief!


  • Give me your best shot!: Inflict 50 Damages with Sparkle

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • According to the artist, the bat that is biting Sparkle's tail in the last level is one of Belgosi's, while the icy beam comes from Praxie.
  • The animal he is meant to be based on is a pangolin.
  • Though the card's name is Sparkle, he is called "Sparky" in his bio. This may likely be an English error or a nickname for the card.

Card Artwork

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