Some say that Star Prince is a descendant of the Piranas, and that might well be true… After all, between a sea-faring, kidnapping pirate and a "flying" bounty-hunter pirate, the difference is minimal. Working for the Vortex always puts Star Prince in the firing line against powerful menaces that continue to threaten the Emperor. However, the latest contract has left him more than a little perplexed: "They're sending me on the hunt for a piece of plastic?! They must be joking!"


  • Bounty Hunter: Win 10 rounds with Star Prince.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He's based off on Marvel comics character, Star-Lord with aspects of the anime, Cowboy Bebop. (Given it's space cowboy theme.)
  • You can see the Piranas logo on his outfit, hinting that he's the descendant of a Pirana's member.
  • On his first level you can see him holding a card with what looks like a Dominion member, which is revealed to be Ax Battler Cr, which is fitting since the clan came shortly after his card's release.

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