Tiwi Ld's best friend, Suqi, is as mad as he is about technology, belonging as she does to the Frozn village's new online generation. She receives advice on a daily basis from the mini genius in how to fine tune her hardware know-how by tinkering around with parts brought back to the village by Krompah the Wanderer. As a result, this very capable young woman seemed the ideal partner for the little yeti and it was after a legendary expedition to a string of technological high places in Clint City that the project dreamt up by Tiwi was able to come into being and be completed by Suqi. As the very first owners of a quantum computer, Suqi and Tiwi can now address some ultra-complex tasks, with the study of cryoplasma contamination being first at the top of their list.


  • Frozen Quantum Computer: Gain 30 pillz with Suqi
  • Quantic Computer: Gain 30 pillz with Suqi in ELO mode.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her design is loosely based off of Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls.
  • She is first mentioned in Tiwi's 18/12/2015 re-release as his assistant, but went unnamed.
  • In her first level, you can see the art from Tiwi's card (level 1) used on the book.

Card Artwork

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