Daughter of a trapeze artist and a lion tamer, Svelthlana spent her childhood in a traveling circus. One day, the circus stopped in Clint City, for a one-night show. Svelthlana seized the opportunity and snuck off to visit the big city but she never returned to the circus...


  • Deceiving Appearances: Win 50 rounds with Svelthlana



Svelthlana has had two main roles in the official comic. First was "Treasure Hunt" where she was with a trio of performers (with Splata and Zoltan) but left because her career was going nowhere and teamed-up with Hawkins Cr to find a hidden treasure. She would later join Havok's B-Team to help find her new leader, Charlie Cr, after the Uppers kidnapped her.


  • She is one of the few cards in UR who has her ability right from the start.
  • Her second level pose is similar to Twyh's second level, in which both cards are 3*'s.

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