FROZN T-WE-1 N1 HD.png

Clan Frozn
Bonus Revenge: +2 power and damage
Ability -3 opp damage, min 2
Rarity Uncommon
Artist ArctoPicto
Released July 8, 2016
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 2/3
Stats lv 2 4/3
Stats lv 3 6/3 (ability activated)


Meet T-We-1, the first robot created by the cuddly, little architect, Tiwi! This incredible mini machine's main mission is to decontaminate the toxic waste emitted by the GHEIST laboratories… But after having done this for several months now, T-We-1's artificial intelligence has developed a small technical fault: he has a very strong personality. He's extremely curious, very indiscrete and above all, loves a fight…


  • Pollution level: 26%: Inflict 75 Damages with T-We-1

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name is taken from his creator, Tiwi. He also appears in the second and third level of his creator's card.
  • His artwork is based off of the titular character, Wall-E.
  • He was originally going to be a reward for people who supported the Kickstarter to release a set of Tiwi plushies. Since the Kickstart fell through, the idea was canceled.

Card Artwork

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