Template Documentation

This template is for use on Character pages. Infomation about infoxes can be found on Help:Infoboxes

{{Infobox character
|image        = May contain an image gallery
|links        = (optional) Links to things like artwork pages.
|clan         = If this is a valid clan name, it will make it a link and include thier icon
|ability      = 
|bonus        = (optional) So long as "clan" is valid, this will auto-fill
|rarity       = Should be "common", "uncommon", "rare", "rebirth", "legendary", mythic or collector. These will auto-link.
|originalrarity       = Should be "common", "uncommon", "rare", "rebirth", or "legendary". These will auto-link.
|gender       = male/female
|stars        = How many stars a hero goes up to
|abilitylevel = What level (1-5) ability is unlocked at (blank if no ability)
|level1       = (optional)
|level2       = (optional)
|level3       = (optional)
|level4       = (optional)
|level5       = (optional)
|released     = Date of release
|retired      = (optional) Date of retirement
|mythic       = (optional) Date card went mythic
|artist       = 
|origianl     = (optional) Original Artist if artwork changed
Quick Copy-Paste
{{Infobox character
|image        = 
|links        = 
|clan         = 
|ability      = 
|rarity       = 
|originalrarity       = 
|gender       = 
|stars        = 
|abilitylevel = 
|level1       = 
|level2       = 
|level3       = 
|level4       = 
|level5       = 
|released     = 
|retired      = 
|mythic       =
|artist       = 
|original     = 
  • "clan" will also automatically add that page to the category for that clan. Ex: Category:Frozn.
  • "gender" will automatically add the category for that gender for that clan (if "clan" is set). Ex: Category:Frozn Females
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