Although he was a talented luchador, Renato found it difficult to construct a persona that would be hard-hitting enough for the demanding audience of the Pile Tower. After several fruitless attempts (one that was dead boring and another that nearly cost him an eye) Renato decided to follow the advice of his master, Cien Mascaras, and treat himself to an initiatory stay at the Fang Pi Clang Monastery in order to seek inspiration or at the very least a bit of good taste. After a challenging entrance test that he passed with flying colors, Oscar was invited into the famous White Lotus Room where he spent the next few months... On emerging, he was the proud owner of a new mask and a new name. Could this be the result of a mystical revelation or demonic possession? In any case, Tengu the luchador has now become a big name on the top of the Pile Tower!


  • Fainaru Curasshu!: Win 15 rounds with Tengu

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 6, which is good for a 3*.
  • His base damage is 4, but becomes 6 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Huracan.
  • His ability removes three power from your opponent, which helps in low-pill fights.
  • The minimum for his ability is lower than his base power.
  • His ability makes him a good bluff.
  • The clan bonus increases his attack by the amount of life you have, which helps in low-pill fights.


  • The minimum for his ability is five, which is very high.
  • He is weak against SoA, since he can't reduce his opponent's power.
  • He is also weak when facing All-Stars, since their bonus reduces his power below the minimum of his ability.
  • He has competition from the other 3* in Huracan.


  • His name is based off of the legendary Japanese creature. In Japan, tengu were often revered as 'kami' or gods of protection and war. In his final level artwork, Tengu is even wearing a tengu mask.
  • The English translation of his mission is, "final crash".
  • He is one of the few Huracan members to not have a name in Spanish.
  • The name of his master, Cien Mascaras (100 masks), is a nod to luchador, Mil Mascaras.
  • The mask he is wearing in his first and second level artwork may be based off of the mask that The Great Sasuke also wears.
  • He is one of the few non-members of the Fang Pi Clang to have entered the White Lotus Room.

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