Timanov was rescued by Burger and Uxoh at the same time as Boomba. But unlike his friend, he was no good for anything "military" sounding. Instead, he helped out in Molly's kitchen where he paraded about the place trying to boost the soldiers' morale. But he had big dreams! Then, one night, drawn by the lights of a rave, he saw a show by some strange kind of otter and, to everyone's amazement, decided to join in. Now Timanov and Flux's dancing show is a show not to be missed!


  • Hula!: Win 30 rounds with Timanov.

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  • He is based off of Timon, one of the protagonists from the popular Disney film, The Lion King.
    • The name of his mission is a nod to a scene where Timon does a hula to distract some hyenas.
  • He also shares aspects with saxaphonist, Sergey Stepanov. (His name is a combination of Timon and Stepanov's.)

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