KOMBOKA 42.png
Clan Komboka
Bonus +1 Pillz And Life
Ability Killshot: +2 Pillz And Life
Rarity Common
Released October 18, 2019
Artist Tregis
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 6/3
Stats lv 3 8/3(Ability activated)
Stats lv 4 8/5

The debris from the explosion robbed Torkan of her family and of her eyesight, but as a true Komboka warrior, she wasn't about to give up that easily. Quite the opposite; her condition has allowed her to develop a new sense: now able to pick up on the slightest vibrations from the ground, Torkan uses this gift to watch over the activity of the island's volcano. Even if the next big eruption is not expected for a very long time from now, Torkan has managed to tune into the flows within its deep magma chamber and she is now sure about it… The volcano is a very living entity!


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  • Both her appearance and her bio are based off Toph, one of the main characters from the popular animated series: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Like Torkan, Toph was also an Earthbender, and was blind. 

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