Stompah's little sister, Tormentah, had a score to settle with the ice surfer who had publicly humiliated her brother the previous year by stealing his famous hockey stick. Having trained with Master Yeti Drak since she was a little girl, her agility and skill at hunting now rival those of Ruru. However, she hadn't expected such a crowd this year, nor had she banked on the event having become so popular thanks to the transmission system developed by Tiwi Ld and Suqi. But her victory over Rad will only seem all the more triumphant: an ice arrow shot at the right moment in the right place could easily paralyze her target in full view of the whole village and smooth the path towards claiming the title of Frozn Champion!


  • In Honor of Frozenra: Gain 60 Life Points with Tormentah
  • Lady's Frozn Champion!: Win 50 rounds with Tormentah


She appears in Weihnachts Kohle as a member of the rescue party that enters the Forbidden Forrest of Orfahwood and succeeds in getting Tiwi Ld back. She and the others would've punished his kidnappers (Pr Hide and Kougloff) if Tiwi hadn't intervined. So they let the two of them go with a warning.

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  • In her announcement, it is mentioned that her plan against Rad succeded, and she even managed to send him to the infirmary.
  • She is based off of Katniss Everdeen given that she also specializes in the bow and arrow, has a braid and participates in a gaming event with a similar name.
  • Take out the last two letters of her name, and you have the word, 'torment'.
  • She is the second female Yeti in the Frozn, alongside Mahimatah.
  • This was Kahouet's first card to be created in over nine years.

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