It has to be said that since Rowdy Cr left, pulling off epic raves has become a real challenge. With all the equipment to transport, set up and calibrate, it's been impossible to find someone with sufficient knowledge to take over from this much-missed Junkz. But in the end, the solution to all their logistical problems came from their fans. Trixie, who's a massive fan of the Junkz musos, was working backstage at the Clint City Opera House but couldn’t stand the stupid rules and regulations imposed on her by the Uppers, such as wearing "a stylish, green suit". What could be worse?! So, thanks to her technical backstage skills and her unfailing ingenuity, with the Junkz, Trixie can at last indulge her colorful taste in clothes, not to mention language, without being hassled by some stuck-up rich kid. She's now the clan’s much-needed stage manager responsible for creating classic rave parties!


  • This is gonna to be ultra stage-managed: Win 5 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Trixie

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  • She might be a reference to the TV show, LazyTown, which features a character named Trixie, who resembles her slightly. Trixie's facial features are similar to the show's characters.

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