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May 13th, 2022
New Bloods

Hello Clint City,

As the first season of the webtoon has just come to an end, it's time to for us to reveal to you our new clan!

These inhabitants, located in a hidden dimension, go by the name of Oblivion and have been always here, protecting their headquarters christened Archium, which acts as a true backup of Clint City's entire history.

The Oblivion clan are part of the SUPERNATURALS faction that can be used in THE RIFT solo mode!

For all players with access to MULTI, see you in the room to find out more about the COPY ABILITY bonus!

Get OBLIVION in the packs now!

Happy gaming to you all!

April 29th, 2022
New Bloods
Wild New Bloods!

Hello Clint City,

We're still working on chapter 2 that will be called World and which you'll be able to switch over to from next week on the Internet (and webGL).

Next, will be the turn of cell phones with the Seasons system, and then on STEAM in July when everything will finally be fully available.

For more information about the transition, click on the link below: YOUTUBE

But now, make way for the 4 new fighters:

C-Wild: the new and dangerous Vortex (artwork by Furby)

Yoshito: the already legendary Fang Pi Clang troublemaker (artwork by Grelin)

Schaap: the black and white Freaks straight out of a parallel dimension (artwork by Ninsky)

Maana 2097: the new version of the Hive queen back from 2097 (artwork by Quirkilicious)

April 15th, 2022
New Bloods
Serious Killaz

Hello Clint City,

We'd like to thank you all for the way you've welcomed our new mode, The Rift. We'll continue to develop this mode as well as everything around it - the interfaces, PvP modes turning 3D, publicity, etc.

But in the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:

Granita - the incredibly talented Berzerk stone-cutter

Goose - the half-plastic, half-symbiote Dominion doggie

Spillane - the discreet narco who keeps on expanding the Montana cartel

Devolver - the Raptors' hired man

April 1st, 2022
BOOOOOM New Bloods!

Hello Clint City,

As you know, we're still working on the new mode that we've christened THE RIFT (previously Matanza). We're now in the process of fine-tuning it and will be able to unveil it to you by the middle of next week!

We'd like to remind you that this mode will be launched exclusively on SquareOne and Nintendo Switch OLED, a demonstration of which is AVAILABLE HERE

But now, make way for the 4 new challengers:

Torth, the Riots' working-class representative (artwork by Grelin)

Leiza, the stunning Ulu Watu professional fisher (artwork by Tregis)

Marmalady, the cheery candy girl seller at the All Stars stadium (artwork by chaine and vince color)

Surif, preacher of the Sakrohm's cosmic word (artwork by Fudge)

March 18th, 2022
New Blood for the Jilted Generation

Clint City, As we announced on March 6th, we have decided to hold off the release of the new game mode you are all waiting for. It would probably have been easier to release a sequel to UR by suggesting we start all over from scratch. However, our purpose is clear: convert the newcomers while satisfying the veterans. A common, although tricky, challenge for an experienced franchise. This is why we have to offer you the best of modes. We will keep you posted but it won't be long now.

Make room for the 4 new fighters:

Jilted: the amazing performer with a cyberJunkz voice! (illustration by Jcorgie)

Archivist: Na Boh has found himself a new boss and a new role to play with the Paradox (illustration by Ples)

IronPod: the La Junta's latest discovery, well-suited to steep terrain (illustration by Furby)

Ciminompah: the Jungo traveler who fell in love with the Frozn life (illustration by Ninsky)

March 3rd, 2022
Hello Clint City!

It's March already - a month that's all set to turn the game upside down! For months now we've been working flat out on the "Matanza" mode whose game design is a reflection of the up and coming Chapter II, a return to basics centered on the Collection and (re)playability. See you on Monday for the open beta whose live Twitch will start around 8pm (GMT +1) so we can all discover the new game mode: Twitch UR

In the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers!

Evil Robin: the demon from the Nightmare cauldron, lured by Endora ! (artwork by MikeyComix)

La Picaflor: the flamboyant Huracan in the Los Santos jungle colors (artwork by furby)

The Maker: the enigmatic little golem-maker and new genius from the Skeelz Academy (artwork by JCorgie)

Quistis: the Pussycats survivor from The Rift... (artwork by Grelin)

February 18th, 2022
Hi everyone!

We're still in the process of preparing Chapter II of the game, which is why we're not so present on the forums at the moment. But never fear, all things come to those who wait! And before we reveal all, why not let us introduce you to our new 4 challengers?

Taka: Hashi's animal version who's teamed up with the Jungo on a part-time basis (artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)

Hashi: the human version of Taka and a rebel Komboka (artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)

Venizia: the young artist in therapy with the Paradox (artwork by Ples)

Precious: Uppers' pretty boy and rising star in the Clint City K-pop scene (artwork by Fudge)

February 04th, 2022
Clint City, hello!

As you know, we're working our socks off to make 2022 a year packed full of new game features. What with the webtoon and clan, the new game mode currently under development, and the resumption of Pocket Rivals, the months ahead are looking pretty busy! But in the meantime, here are our 4 challengers:

Kaskar, the hardcore fan of the "Legend of the Infinite Serpent" from the Bangers quarter (artwork by MikeyComix)

Nutty, the loyal mascot of the MegaNutz chocolate bar who livens up the All Stars' stadium (artwork by Ninsky)

Impudicus, the peace & love, stinking, mutant mushroom hanging out with the Roots (artwork by Furby)

Omicron, the Vortex pangolin wanted by the GHEIST (artwork by Jcorgie)

January 21th, 2022
16 years and yet more New Bloods!

Hello Clint City!

First, we would like to thank you for your loyalty to the game. 16 years of UR is no mean feat. So, THANK YOU. On the development side of things, we're still working on the "Matanza" mode which is progressing well. As is also the case for the webtoon and the new clan. And the close of season 1 of the webtoon should coincide with the release of the new UR clan. Now, make some noise for the New Bloods:

Kaijuet, a plastic multi-colored critter and latest DOMINION eco-find (artwork by Djet)

Dr Kittleson: doctor friend of the animals and 2022 GHEIST revelation (artwork by Djet)

Queller: half-man, half-excavator, the ultimate worker on the RAPTORS' construction side (artwork by Ninsky)

Nobutomo: SENTINEL agent with questionable methods for whom a file cannot be shelved "no follow-up" (artwork by Furby)

January 7th, 2022
NB - Happy 2022!

Hello Clint City!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and welcome back to UR!

After the recent changes to the wheel, the much-awaited adjustment to in-game rewards and the new webtoon episodes - that more and more of you are following - here we are with the first New Blood release of the year and we're marking the occasion with:

Turner - Gaia's little brother and "old school" Ulu Watu surfer

Rainbow - the new girl from the Skeelz Academy open day

Cerny - the greedy and utterly Uppers' influencer

Hollow Spyke - the new role Lynch is offering the mythical Spyke!

December 24th, 2021
Merry Christmas to one and all!

Clint City, We've just implemented the new season of Missions that will be a transitional season between the UR you know and love and the one we'll be referring to as Chapter 2.

Today also sees the release of the new episode of the webtoon that is available from now!

And finally, the reason you're all here - our 4 new fighters:

Rimikaru: the agile FPC ninja whose appearance is surprisingly deceptive!

Makoto: the bipolar Freaks member who's really down with the kids!

Sunwuk0ng: the little monkey turned Hive artificial fighter!

Miele: the Rescue anti-toxic air vacuum cleaner!

December 10th, 2021
Enigma's Lover

People of Clint City, Below is a list of the projects we're currently working on: - the webtoon (the first episode will be with you next week!!!)

- a teaser for the cartoon project (an adaptation of the webtoon in anime)

- the "matanza" game mode prototype

- a new season of Missions

- an analysis of the way in which the game's various rewards are distributed and much, much more...

So, without further ado, here are this Friday's 4 new recruits:

Douek: the Roots' rebel vaper

Bentichus: the intellectual steampunk octopus who's chilling with the Riots

Whirlyboy: the little albino bat in the Dominion ranks!

Narke: Enigma's sublimely manipulative lover, who's devastating the Paradox clan's peace of mind

November 26th, 2021
It's NB time!

Clint City, Have you seen the short video profile of your game designer/scriptwriter? It's available here: MR COLD FOCUS

And here's a look at what’s coming to very game very soon: - the Clubz and Wars' overhaul

- the Advent Calendar!

- the wheel of fortune update

- a rebalancing of the rewards in the different game modes

- a VS event

In the meantime, here are 4 new fighters from the "post Genesis" era:

Keya, the Komboka who's crazy about aerobics and digs that retro style! (artwork by JCorgie)

Vania, the Pussycats' super mechanic all set to test out a revolutionary suit (artwork by MikeyComix)

Pavone, the narcissistic peacock turned Mafia apprentice (artwork by MikeyComix)

Espectro, the imposing Santoztec golem from the Huracan cemetery (artwork by Ninsky)

November 12th, 2021
The Latest NEW BLOODS?!

Clint City, Just a small recap on our current works in progress:

- the webtoon is well underway with the first 4 episodes having been sent for translation

- the new game mode is under development and the game-design is all set

- the Clubz and Wars' overhaul is imminent- the community event that will reveal G E N E S I S is ready

Now, let's make some noise for the latest New Blood release!

Tonthorn, the mechanic who stumbled into "an alcohol-fueled frenzy" at the Red One Motel (artwork by Grelin)

Elendir, the latest survivor from Rhynn holed up with the Frozn clan (artwork by Tony Semedo)

Induren, the "steamkwad" champion of the All Stars' newest sport (artwork by jcorgiésmiley)

Betwixt, the little worker alien booted off his planet and now in among us in town! (artwork by MikeyComix)

October 29th, 2021
It's the Halloween Release!

Time for a small round-up: The new Miss is finally available to everyone in the New Bloods pack. We've adjusted the rewards in the different game modes to maintain some balance between the game, the wheel of fortune and the various missions. The spin of the Wheel will soon be index-linked to the Market, which will not only make it fairer but will turn the Jackpot into a real cash cow! All these updates will be with us next week with their own fair share of surprises...

Our current priority projects are: - the clubz and wars’ update - the GENESIS community event - the WEBTOON - the new LA MATANZA game mode

Now make some noise for the 4 characters from the Halloween release:

Star Frog and Star Mutt: partners in charge of an unusual case that's about to turn everything on its head (artwork by MikeyComix)

Nantosuelte: the generous Paradox ally who warms the hearts of the suffering (artwork by Djet)

Heaven: the GhosTown horse who straddles that space between myth, legend and superstition (artwork by Fudge)

Ah yes, and there's a 5th one today for HALLOWEEN!

Ikare: a character you'll find in the next "Urban Rivals and the Legend of the Infinite Serpent" Webtoon!

October 15th, 2021
Girl POWA and a touch of Fantasy!

Hi Everyone, We're currently working on a range of big projects and here's all the latest on these: - an overhaul of the Clubz and War mode, as well as the web page- UR animated teaser currently in production - Community event in developmentWe would like to thank you for the number of recent followers on our Instagram page, as well as for your positive feedback on the design of the new Miss!

Now, let's make room for the girls... and a robot from Rhynn:

Tunkp-T: a collection piece from the great John Sein, with the Vortex!

Jo: "Billions of blue blistering barnacles!" Make way for the new Piranas (Artwork by Quirkilicious)

Zet: "Wait up, filthy pirate! You and I are going to get to know each other better!" Jo's inseparable friend, at home with the Junkz! (Artwork by Quirkilicious)

Buldosa: the Raptor super-charged on the Nightmare's performance-enhancing drugs - explosive cocktail guaranteed! (Artwork by Grelin)

October 1st, 2021
Globumm is back in the NEW BLOODS

Clint City,

Just recently, we set up a competition to launch a G E N E S I S community event and it all kicks off with you sharing the news of this with your buddies on Instagram!

The aim is to attract new followers so they can potentially follow and like the content of our Acute Games page.

And it all happens here: https://www.instagram.com/acutegames/

The Webtoon is making great strides with 17 completed storyboards and 5 episodes already fully illustrated and colored! The future Kickstarter campaign teaser for the cartoon is in progress in the capable hands of Max Maleo, Malec and Haruna Gozu…no less.

We can’t wait to sharing the finished result with you! And finally, the new 8.0 UR update will be with you at the start of next week with a whole bunch of improvements, as well as a modification to the Tournament mode that will leave you coming back for more.

So, stay tuned, it's coming soon! Now, let's make some noise for our champions:

Madrat: the "Zlatar Toys" commercial flop is a real hit with the Dominion!

SnailMan: the ultimate dream of the entomologist turned Jungo!

Kunk: the new and trendy Profiler of the young people in the Uppers quarter!

Bio-Globumm: the infiltrated mythical fly, now rehabilitated by the GHEIST!

For past news check out the Urban Rivals Wiki news archive.

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