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November 26th, 2021
It's NB time!

Clint City, Have you seen the short video profile of your game designer/scriptwriter? It's available here: MR COLD FOCUS

And here's a look at what’s coming to very game very soon: - the Clubz and Wars' overhaul

- the Advent Calendar!

- the wheel of fortune update

- a rebalancing of the rewards in the different game modes

- a VS event

In the meantime, here are 4 new fighters from the "post Genesis" era:

Keya, the Komboka who's crazy about aerobics and digs that retro style! (artwork by JCorgie)

Vania, the Pussycats' super mechanic all set to test out a revolutionary suit (artwork by MikeyComix)

Pavone, the narcissistic peacock turned Mafia apprentice (artwork by MikeyComix)

Espectro, the imposing Santoztec golem from the Huracan cemetery (artwork by Ninsky)

November 12th, 2021
The Latest NEW BLOODS?!

Clint City, Just a small recap on our current works in progress:

- the webtoon is well underway with the first 4 episodes having been sent for translation

- the new game mode is under development and the game-design is all set

- the Clubz and Wars' overhaul is imminent- the community event that will reveal G E N E S I S is ready

Now, let's make some noise for the latest New Blood release!

Tonthorn, the mechanic who stumbled into "an alcohol-fueled frenzy" at the Red One Motel (artwork by Grelin)

Elendir, the latest survivor from Rhynn holed up with the Frozn clan (artwork by Tony Semedo)

Induren, the "steamkwad" champion of the All Stars' newest sport (artwork by jcorgiésmiley)

Betwixt, the little worker alien booted off his planet and now in among us in town! (artwork by MikeyComix)

October 29th, 2021
It's the Halloween Release!

Time for a small round-up: The new Miss is finally available to everyone in the New Bloods pack. We've adjusted the rewards in the different game modes to maintain some balance between the game, the wheel of fortune and the various missions. The spin of the Wheel will soon be index-linked to the Market, which will not only make it fairer but will turn the Jackpot into a real cash cow! All these updates will be with us next week with their own fair share of surprises...

Our current priority projects are: - the clubz and wars’ update - the GENESIS community event - the WEBTOON - the new LA MATANZA game mode

Now make some noise for the 4 characters from the Halloween release:

Star Frog and Star Mutt: partners in charge of an unusual case that's about to turn everything on its head (artwork by MikeyComix)

Nantosuelte: the generous Paradox ally who warms the hearts of the suffering (artwork by Djet)

Heaven: the GhosTown horse who straddles that space between myth, legend and superstition (artwork by Fudge)

Ah yes, and there's a 5th one today for HALLOWEEN!

Ikare: a character you'll find in the next "Urban Rivals and the Legend of the Infinite Serpent" Webtoon!

October 15th, 2021
Girl POWA and a touch of Fantasy!

Hi Everyone, We're currently working on a range of big projects and here's all the latest on these: - an overhaul of the Clubz and War mode, as well as the web page- UR animated teaser currently in production - Community event in developmentWe would like to thank you for the number of recent followers on our Instagram page, as well as for your positive feedback on the design of the new Miss!

Now, let's make room for the girls... and a robot from Rhynn:

Tunkp-T: a collection piece from the great John Sein, with the Vortex!

Jo: "Billions of blue blistering barnacles!" Make way for the new Piranas (Artwork by Quirkilicious)

Zet: "Wait up, filthy pirate! You and I are going to get to know each other better!" Jo's inseparable friend, at home with the Junkz! (Artwork by Quirkilicious)

Buldosa: the Raptor super-charged on the Nightmare's performance-enhancing drugs - explosive cocktail guaranteed! (Artwork by Grelin)

October 1st, 2021
Globumm is back in the NEW BLOODS

Clint City,

Just recently, we set up a competition to launch a G E N E S I S community event and it all kicks off with you sharing the news of this with your buddies on Instagram!

The aim is to attract new followers so they can potentially follow and like the content of our Acute Games page.

And it all happens here: https://www.instagram.com/acutegames/

The Webtoon is making great strides with 17 completed storyboards and 5 episodes already fully illustrated and colored! The future Kickstarter campaign teaser for the cartoon is in progress in the capable hands of Max Maleo, Malec and Haruna Gozu…no less.

We can’t wait to sharing the finished result with you! And finally, the new 8.0 UR update will be with you at the start of next week with a whole bunch of improvements, as well as a modification to the Tournament mode that will leave you coming back for more.

So, stay tuned, it's coming soon! Now, let's make some noise for our champions:

Madrat: the "Zlatar Toys" commercial flop is a real hit with the Dominion!

SnailMan: the ultimate dream of the entomologist turned Jungo!

Kunk: the new and trendy Profiler of the young people in the Uppers quarter!

Bio-Globumm: the infiltrated mythical fly, now rehabilitated by the GHEIST!

September 17th, 2021
New Blood's Time!

Hello Clint City! As you've no doubt noticed, we've finally revamped the Missions system, and boy, did it need it! From now on, you’ll have a page entirely devoted to what the game offers in terms of objectives and, every day, temporary missions will be added to this! The first season of missions begins on September 27 for the fall! Another little nugget of news is that we now have 11 webtoon storyboards. Everything is slotting into place nicely with Cold, Grelin and MattMoro. Finally, a big contest is currently being organized on Instagram and will be relayed on Spot.

Now, let's move onto our 4 challengers of the week:

Efesto: the blacksmith enlightened by the Paradox

Farell: the Bangers' super-sensitive fighter

Slash: the Nightmare's artist butcher

Gahar: the Sentinel's charismatic "vintage" consultant

September 3rd, 2021
Glory, hairs and beauty!

Clint City, This week, more webtoon and filming relating to all our exciting upcoming projects: it’s not over yet, 2021 has still got some mighty surprises in store for you. And on the gaming side of thing, there are some big projects underway, most notably with the revamping of the Missions and Tutorials, as well as the creation of a new game mode.

Double dimensional breach this week, here are the 4 new recruits:

- Esmy & Thorcal: the child astride the "Bear" headed for the Frozn HQ!

- Priscilla: the newly graduated, secret Skeelz recruit!

- El Arcoiris: the beautiful and wildly lethal Huracan!

- Milla: the savage Komboka with integrated car-wash!

August 20th, 2021
Scams, crime, flying whales and chain saws!

Clint City,

Many of you are on vacation right now, but here in town, the action never stops.

For example, the huge webtoon with Grelin on storyboard, illustration and color by MattMoro and MrCold, and Josswala on script, is shaping up to be a quality series and the first step toward an animated series.

Forget the Delcourt mangas, this webtoon will tell of a legend whose origins are a mystery to all... and everything will unfold in the Clint City you know and love.

In it, you'll find cult characters in neighborhoods you're familiar with.

We can't wait for you to discover all this but you'll still have to wait a little longer... Its release date is scheduled for December 2021.

No vacations for the New Bloods either. On the menu this week:

Mia Levy, the RESCUE first-aider who's never without her chain saw (Art by Chahine)

Slobodan, the terrifying FREAKS' recruit straight from Rhynn (Art by Nunez)

Shamurxxt, the poetic SAKROHM flying whale (Art by Djet)

Tatounovich, the MONTANA'S after-sales godfather (Art by Furby)

August 8th, 2021
Manon, Yevana, Sansot & Sekhmet

Clint City, hello!

Last week saw an update that managed to correct a good few bugs, and CookieSpirit had time to bring you the animation of the Sakrohm KO!

We hope you enjoyed the Oculus versions of Scarlett and Morphun...

We’ve also got the first drafts of the webtoon characters and we're excited to show you all that, but you'll just have to be a little bit more patient!

But without further delay, here are the 4 new fighters:

Yevana: the 6ft5 pole vaulter all set for the All Stars 2022 Olympic Games!

Sansot: the old Vortex recruit reconditioned by the Riots!

Sekhmet: the Paradox Curator's new find!

Agent Nerves: the survivor, the one and only Manon, back with the Pussycats to pilot Ed-0!

July 23rd, 2021
Ratanah, Kareem, Teelt & Erleen

Hello Clint City, This week, our attention is focused on two big projects related to the technical side of the game and more besides. There’s an update on the game language (PHP) that will help us improve all areas of the game, and an overhaul of the Missions system that we'll be sure to tell you all about very soon!

In the meantime, there are 4 new fighters in town:

Kareem, the black Samurai from the Fang Pi Clang (artwork by Furby)

Erleen, the Piranas' crustacean recruit, straight from Rhynn! (artwork by Phalloide)

Teelt, finesse, skill, but above all, artificial, next-gen Hive! (artwork by Djety)

Rony Bones, our dear Ratanah now acclimatized to Purgatory... come see what she's up to! (artwork by Djety)

July 9th, 2021
Ed-0 Pilot and other Follies!!!!

There's been an update to the 7.8.3 app that now includes the new WHEEL OF FORTUNE, the chance to have avatars in GIF format, the revamped manual challenge system, the new format for SUPREME players and a whole bunch of other improvements...

The storyline of the webtoon/anime series has been approved and the final draft is now underway. Season 1 of the webtoon is scheduled for December: new clan and new storyline that will follow on from the current one - it's all ready to go.

In our spare time, the development of Pocket Rivals is gradually taking shape, with it looking on track to be released next summer.

Now, let's make some noise for this week's 4 fighters:

Jombos: the famous Kolos statuette has been retrieved by Death Adder... just what is he going to do with it?? (Artwork by Furby)

Chibouk: the old hookah smoker who's more on form than ever before, closely followed by his tortoise! (Artwork by Fudgegrafik)

Sixx Meycry: Evelyn's loser brother, all set on seeking his freedom with the Berzerks! (Artwork by Chahine)

Agent Spinal: the code name of the first ED-0 pilot recruited by La Junta, the mythical Dounia!! (Artwork by Quirkiliciouz)

June 25th, 2021
Magic People, Voodoo People!

Hello, Clint City!

Right now, we're working on an update of the Wheel of Fortune that you'll be able to try out for yourselves very soon.

Another big event on the cards is our anime: the storyline's shaping up by the day and we now have a rough outline of the teaser that will also be used to launch our webtoon! We'll be sure to keep you regularly updated on all of this.

And now, make way for the 4 new fighters:

Pride, the anti-"normal" people Paradox recruit (artwork by Djet)

Drs Ledou, the pioneer of the high priest/sorcerer business funded by the Uppers! (Artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor)

Anan, the Komboka voodoo magician! (Artwork by Furby)

W-Manda, the biggest pest in space! (Artwork by Ples)

June 11th, 2021
Kenny IS BACK!!

Clint City, we hope you enjoyed the community event.

The rewards are on their way and the best among you will receive Nash in just a few minutes from now!

At the moment, we're in the process of working on the next UR update that will involve several improvements to the Wheel and Rush TV systems, but we'll have more for you on all that very soon. We've also received the first version of the storyline for the webtoon and anime, which we’re really looking forward to sharing with you!

In the meantime, here are our 4 new challengers:

Bethelbert, the Riots' queen of system D (Art by NINSKY)

TeknoFrog, the Junkz party frog (Art by FUDGEGRAFIK)

Kenny West, the cult wizard who's risen from the ashes among the GhosTown clan (Art by DJET)

Nash, Rex Sweig's brother, down with the Raptors to explain everything... (Art by QUIRKILICIOUZ)

May 28th, 2021
7.7 and New Bloods!

Clint City,

The 7.7 update is now available everywhere and includes:

- Rush TV: The Live and Replay UR mode for the top players among you!

- The deck generator, available in the EFT, DT, Survivor, Free Fight and Training modes!

- The Oculus arena and its Player box

- The Skeelz and Oculus KOs

We've also fixed some minor bugs and finally got rid of the login bug on iOS!

The EFC CASHPRIZE summer season starts on JUNE 7 and ends on August 29 with a colossal €8,000 to be shared out among the TOP 5 players!

So, get ready. Things are really hotting up in the rooms and spectator stands!

Now, let's make some noise for our 4 New Bloods and finish off the month of May in style:

Bol - ALL STARS' expert in 9mm bullets - artwork by Ninsky

Celsius - FROZN warrior all set for fighting to the death - artwork by Tregis

Dragomer Ayaren - a count straight from Rhynn who's now at home among the NIGHTMARE clan - artwork by Arctopicto

Corcoza - the PARADOX clan's deranged, elusive and highly manipulative playwright - artwork by Quirkilicious

May 14th, 2021
Mafioso, trans, artificial and cop!

Hello Clint City,

This is a crucial testing week for us with the arrival of Auto Deck and Spectator/Replay Mode!

All this coming very soon, and there'll be more news on this in just a few days' time...

On the lore side of things, the storyline is in the process of being written. It will be used in the Webtoon and of course the cartoon - first version scheduled for the end of May.

In the meantime, the city just keeps on recruiting. Here's how the 4 New Challengers are shaping up:

Nagataa, artificial geisha joining the ranks of the Hive warriors (artwork by Ples)

Cobretti, Sentinel lieutenant on the cold case of the "Raptors crash" (artwork by Rudyles)

Anya, a tough cookie from the Little Stivale neighborhood - pure Montana Mafiosa (artwork by Katjagger)

Jean Muriel, the superlative trans athlete and star of the Ulu Watu Volleyz Tournaments! (artwork by Grelin)

April 30th, 2021
Across the Fire T!

Clint City,

We're making good progress on the Replay - Spectator mode and will soon be entering the testing phase! The new auto-deck tool is finally ready. It will be available for the next update, scheduled for the end of May, and will allow you to create fun decks in just 2 clicks of the mouse!

We were able to make a donation to Emmaus and Accpetess-T thanks to your involvement in the Kashink operation, so we'd like to say a big THANK YOU.

And to finish off the month of April in style, this weekend will be the turn of the Les Petits Princes (a charity that supports seriously ill children).

Now, without further ado, let us present our 4 new challengers:

Wilbur, the angry Jungo market gardener - artwork by Rdemy

Survivor from the abysms of Rhynn, Wyztuurxxt is welcomed in by the well-meaning Sakrohm - collection piece by Phalloide

Aristocratic Emporio joins the Paradox clan - artwork by the Chahine/Vince duo

Who said that icons always take retirement? THORPAH is back with the Komboka in "Fire T" mode - artwork by Quirkilicious

Happy gaming!!

April 16th, 2021
KASHINK, Wan, Khrull & Barcelo!

Clint City,

As promised, there's big things going down this April: what with the release of the Administrator and the Oculus duo, the servers are pushed to the max!

The new Black Market style has also made its mark and the VS event has been very, if perhaps a little too quicky, wrapped up...

But don't worry, we're going to adapt the next installment of the storyline to reflect what happened after Nadia's defeat and offer you yet more juicy content.

On the production side of things, everything's going just fine, particularly Replay Mode and the Hosts Project!

And now the time has come to introduce you to today's 4 new challengers.

But be warned, it's gonna be big:

Barcelo, the fish/robot and "firestarter" of the Pirana brawls - artwork by Jo-1C

Khrull, the terrifying orc straight from wow...er Rhynn, who's landed in Orfanwood with the Dominion! Artwork by JSein + Chahine/Vincent for the "chibi" version

Wan, THE "Game Wizard" who’s known by everyone on UR for his game playing...and is now a member of the Skeelz! Artwork by Furby

Kashink - inspired by the REAL "street artist" of the same name (https://www.instagram.com/kashink1/) - she's THE new Pussycat boss - artwork by MattMoro

April 2nd, 2021
Old School and the Future!

Clint City,

- Does everyone have the updated app? (version 7.6)

In this version, there are various updates and numerous clan KOs. So, why not try it out in the arenas of the All Stars, La Junta, Uppers, Roots, Jungo, Ulu Watu, Vortex, Hive and Fang Pi Clang?

- We've created new a game design and started to code Replay mode... and we'll soon be asking you for ideas on NAMES for this much-awaited mode!

- By mid-April, a meeting will be held to decide on the anime's story arc and the storyboard for the teaser video!

- Finally, after yesterday's April Fools, you no doubt suspected there was a hidden message... did you find it?

And now, let's make some noise for the 4 NEW BLOODS (that's what we're here for after all):

- Dominicius, the old priest from Rhynn, all set to become one of the Paradox disciples

- Catchred, the nurse who's specialized in nanotechnology vaccination, by Pauline_aillet

- Dodger, an "Old School" Bangers, just how we like 'em, by Quirkilicious

- Cable Force, the head of the new Rescue venture "SOS", by Fudgegrafik

P.S. Not enough or no Credits? For the Easter weekend only, we've set up a x2 credit multiplier through the TAPJOY Offerwall!

March 19th, 2021
Smoke and Dimensional Tunnels

Hi Everyone,

We're making the most of this "New Bloods" space to share some interesting info with you that’s just waiting here in the wings:

- We've nailed a game design for the next Replay mode -The RgX Pilum vs M2 Sansot event is coming to you next week

-Brainstorming ideas on the "UR anime" project have kicked off and it's all starting to come together!

-An update of the app (7.6) is scheduled before the end of the month

-The Oculus LD card might be brought forward to celebrate our 7k followers on Instagram

Now, over to our 4 new challengers:

- Chiyoko, one of the Junta sergeants, reboosted since the Oculus revealed part of its face (by Grelin)

- Dezba, the latest, little recruit from the Purgatory Judge, who's utterly merciless in combat (by Chahine/Vincecolor)

- Carnegio, the Roots who's self-sufficient with his own plantation... (by Djety)

- Alastor, all the way from Rhynn, to upscale the Fang Pi Clang masterclasses (by John Sein)

March 5th, 2021
Visions, Black Holes, Dimensional Faults and Twins!

To kick off the month in style, here are 4 original recruits to complete your fabulous Urban Rivals Collection!

The vertiginous X-Panse, the new recruit who's come to inject new blood into the Vortex clan, artwork by the Chahine/Vincecolor duo!

Visionary Hermenou has seen Oculus! He knows! And that's what interests the Paradox!

Jack Legrand, the agent hired by the Watchmakers and now being held by the Riots

And finally, the Torrance Twins with their murky, mysterious past, topping the bill of the Freaks' Circus for the foreseeable future...

Feburary 19th, 2021
Living with the OCULUS

Clint City,

With the first two Oculus now out in the open, general psychosis fills the air and who are the other hosts? And where is the Government?

While waiting for the answers to these questions, the city keeps its recruitment drive going with these 4 new arrivals:

Bender, the recent dinosaur who's just perfect for our Raptor friends. Artwork by Ples

Pauline, the Komboka, acrobatic monkey who spends her days hanging from the city's buildings. Artwork by Chahine/Vincecolor

Pravanandah, the Frozn yeti/woodcutter who's as gentle as a lamb! Artwork by Ninsky

Rattus, the short-tempered kill-joy, pumped up on Berzerk Xantiax! Artwork by Jo-1C

Feburary 5th, 2021
The Oculus (AKA the Eye) is Already Here.

Hello Clint City!

The Government has installed a new, ultra-sophisticated automatic test to grant new arrivals with a compatibility certification to Clint City and its clans.

Kate is too busy with her new roles...

So, here are the 4 latest, validated recruits:

Dj0 - having also arrived in the Clint City of the past to support the Hive - artwork by Quirkylicious

Enevia - the lost vampire from Rhynn who's found herself in good company at the Nightmare Manor - artwork by Phalloide

Evlyn Meycry - the rich Uppers' alien hunter, just in time to try and counter the Oculus - artwork by Ninsky

Barakatic - the emblematic champion of the All Stars Paralympic Games - artwork by Djet

January 22nd, 2021

Hello Clint City,

Even after 15 years, there's no point in messing with a winning formula and so, just like every fortnight, four new fighters are about to enter the Clint City arena.

Here's just a small intro to them:

- El Goonch, new Huracan oddity, but yet another killer fighter for the luchador team!

- Nystrom, an Ulu Watu breath of fresh air, reminiscent of the clan's glory days!

- Ibanez, die-hard fan of DJ Korr Mt and rising star in "video-conferencing" Junkz electro-psychedelia!

- Galfor, the knight imprisoned in a statue, who escaped from Rhynn, only to be admitted to the "Gargoyle" section of the Paradox Museum!


January 8th, 2021
The 2021 New Bloods!

Hello Clint City!

Once again we'd like to wish you a very happy and carefree New Year!

And to mark the occasion, we're starting 2021 in style with 4 superb New Bloods including a character by Quirkilicious!

Spik, the little kobold straight out of the Rhynn fault and new Dominion soldier!

Gothica, the Paradox mecha-nun, never seen without her gun!

Lonerganxxt, the cute little Sakrohm and king of the mini-rodeo!

Lindo, the merciless Montana's "clean-up guy"!

For past news check out the Urban Rivals Wiki news archive.

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