DOMINION 42 (1).png
Clan Dominion
Bonus Growth: -1 Opp Power, Min 4
Ability Damage Exchange
Rarity Rare/Collector
Artist Katjagger
Released May 11, 2018
Retired August 12, 2019
Stars 3
Stats lv1 1/1
Stats lv2 6/1
Stats lv3 7/2 (Ability activated)

Valkyrie princess, Valhala, with her mane of fiery hair, is the very first Dominion toy to be aimed at the female market. You can spend hours styling and plaiting her hair or dressing her in an assortment of furs. And, as she's compatible with certain weapons from other toys in the range, such as Nidory's hammer, boys can borrow her from their little sisters, if they fancy it. Figurine n°9 from the Dominion range. Made by Zlatar Toys.


  • Valkyrie: Inflict 75 damage with Valhala.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her name is taken from the famous majestic hall in Norse mythology where warriors who fell in combat were said to drink and dine for all eternity with each other.
    • Her appearance is based on the Valkyrie, female angelic figures in Norse mythology who chose who may live and die in battle.
  • She is the first character to have the exchange ability.
  • Her CR announcement goes as: "Meanwhile, Zlatar continues his fight against the Dominion. After having burned a considerable amount of Orfanwood, Valhala finally brings his mad rampage to a stop, armed with Nidory's hammer. As for Shakra, he's headed for the two protagonists, all set to do whatever it takes to stop the destruction of the Roots' neighboring forest. But when the bomb dropping down from the sky enters into contact with the black magic contained in the hammer, a strange reaction is unleashed. Rather than killing Zlatar, Valhala and Shakra, the explosion transports them to an unknown world: a devastated dimension devoid of all life forms…"

Full Artwork

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