Vampires are a species of monsters who live in Clint City. The most famous family of Vampires went from Poldachie-Golgovine. The Vampires drink blood, and they used their teeth for bite the neck of their victims. Ielena and Dragomir are members of this family, and they both survived to Slayer , who killed their brothers. Ielena and Dragomir have wings, and they can fly.  Furthermore in Clint City there's a lot of Vampire-Hunters: Slayer from the Pussycats ,Amy from the Sentinels and Wesley and Elvira from the Rescue . Amy killed three familes of Vampires. Perle , was a member of one of these families ,and she is the last survivor. She was helped by the Junkz , who become her clan , and she haven't wings. She is the only Vampire that's not affiiate to the Nightmare

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