When you've got millions to spend, it' easy to sign checks to get hold of rare pieces. What a bore! and not at all what Van Heckton's into. For him, collecting is a hunt and only priceless objects are worth tracking down. Ancient jewelery from lost civilizations, unique extraterrestrial material, the last hides of extinct species and various books of spells form just a tiny part of his collection! But the worst thing is that Van Heckton is prepared to do ANYTHING to get what he wants. And in Clint City, only the Pussycats are still capable of throwing a spanner in the works of this fantastically wealthy plunderer.


  • Bring Me Back Chel!: Win 15 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Van Heckton

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is based off of Taneleer Tivan, also known as the Collector, a supervillain in the Marvel Universe.
  • He had been the subject of Mina's profile, after she had stolen art from him.
  • He was released early due to a federal holiday in Urban Rivals' native country of France.
  • His mission is a reference to Chel's bio.
  • In each of his artwork, he is holding onto an object that belongs to a Cr card:
    • In his second level artwork, he is holding onto the helmet that Kiki Cr wears throughout his 2nd-4th level artwork.
    • In his third level, the necklace and bracelet he is holding are the ones that DJ Korr Cr wears in his final level.
    • In his fourth level, the cleaver he is holding is the same one that Vickie Cr wields in her second level artwork.
    • In his last level, the books that are levitating around him bear a resemblance to the ones that Caelus Cr has in his 3rd-5th level artwork.

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