Clan Leader
Bonus Cancel Leader
Ability Team: -2 Opp Dmg, Min 4
Rarity Rare
Artist Phalloide
Released February 13, 2006
Stars 5
Stats Lv1 3/1
Stats Lv2 4/1
Stats Lv3 5/2
Stats Lv4 6/3
Stats Lv5 8/5(Ability activated)


Sent across time and space by the Big Than of the planet Breghundi, Vholt landed in Clint City with a definite mission to accomplish... But the journey completely messed up his hard disk and now he can't remember a thing about it. So now he's wandering the streets of Clint City, offering his help to those he thinks are worthy of it.


  • If Vholt was in a clan, it would most likely be the Vortex, due to the mention of time travel or Sakrohm, because he's an alien.
    • However since Vholt predates the Vortex clan by two years, the Sakrohm is the most likely.
  • Until December 19, 2014, his power was 7 and the minimum for his ability was 4.
  • Leaders are the only cards which have a colored background, but it goes away when you enlarge the card artwork.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

Vholt by Urban Rivals.jpg

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