VixenCr 01.png
Clan Pussycats
Bonus -2 opp damage, min 1
Ability Defeat: -2 opp pillz, min 4
Rarity Collector
Artist Chahine80
Released November 25, 2016
Retired August 12, 2019
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 4/1
Stats lv 2 6/2(Ability activated)
Stats lv 3 7/3
Stats lv 4 8/5


Since the departure of Yayoi Cr, Charlie has been on the hunt for someone as twisted as her... But Vixen has gone and exceeded all expectations. As well as appearing on stage, looking sexy and beguiling in her Hellfire Club cage, she also leads perilous missions for the Pink Commando. And yet, her behavior and fighting style make her so unpredictable and strange that even Ninja Nyne fears her fits of fury. No one refers to her mysterious past and those who knew Vixen back then are strangely no longer here to tell the tale...


  • Miss 3: Remove 30 pillz from you opponents with Vixen.
  • Dominatrix: Win 20 rounds with Vixen.

Advantages & Disadvantages




Vixen appears in 50 Shades of GHEIST where she is performing at the Hellfire Club just when Schatzi and Gheist bust in. Even though their main mission was to target Lois Ld, Vixen rushed in to save her clanmate when things were looking bleak for her. By destroying Schatzi's source of power, her and Lois were able to defeat them.

After a change of heart, Schatzi falls in love with Vixen and comes over to her place to confess his feelings. Amused by his silent dedication, she takes off her mask (revealing the face of a normal woman) and accepts his offer. Thus, starting a happy, yet twisted romatic relationship.


  • Her artwork is based off of Vega from the Street Fighter series.
  • Vixen was nominated in Miss Clint City 2017 and placed third.
  • Her name is based on the term, vixen, which means either a female fox or a femme fatale.
  • Her artwork, especially in her 3 and 4 levels, are a reference to Wolverine from the Marvel Comics.
  • Her Cr announcement goes as: "Near the Hellfire Club, Charlie is in fierce combat with the Komboka warriors, aided by the fearsome Vixen, when suddenly, a projectile lights up the sky over the Pussycats' neighborhood. Is it yet another strike from those volcanic ladies?! No, the weapon seems much too cumbersome… Can it at least be dodged? The two women stare up at what might very well be the death of them, when suddenly a spaceship appears out of nowhere to save them. From the inside, Uranus cries out, "You're targets now! And I can't let the managers of such a good nightclub go to their deaths!". With this, the Sakrohm party girl whisks the two women far away from Clint City and off into outer space… But will Charlie, who's been seriously injured by Kuwaka, survive the journey? "
  • She also became a member of Hive under the name VeeXn.

Full Artwork

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