Clan La Junta
Bonus Dmg +2
Ability Defeat: +2 Pillz
Rarity Rare
Artist Grelin
Released October 16, 2015
Stars 5
Stats Lv2 2/3
Stats Lv3 8/3(Ability activated)
Stats Lv4 8/5
Stats Lv5 9/5


Vryer's laboratory is an abomination beyond description and it’s not unheard of to find parts that have survived his experiments only to be prematurely discarded. This was certainly the case for his latest experiment that first floated in the sewers before ending up in the bay surrounding the La Junta's base. The creature would have been destroyed by a rather distressed Davis had it not been for Naginata's timely intervention. Overcome with compassion and a scientific interest in the deformed creature, Naginata implemented all her ingenuity (and a large part of the base's electrical appliances) to create a machine capable of patching up the poor sod. And it couldn't have gone better as the thing she now calls Walker has recovered a man's face and body and can even lay claim to a superhuman physical fitness that would be the envy of any ex-soldier. Now all that remains to be done is to teach him how to use his strength without annihilating everything around him and what could be better to do that than some proper martial arts training and a bit of customized equipment? A super soldier, now there’s an offer you can't refuse!


  • Super soldier, report!: Gain 50 pillz with Walker
  • He might even one day be captain!: Win 50 rounds with Walker
  • The Scourge Origin:
  • Have no fear, the captain is here!: Inflict 250 Damages with Walker

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His power is 9, which is very good.
  • He has a solid 5 damage.
  • His bonus can make him a possible 9/7.
  • If you loose with him you can get two pillz back.


  • He's a 5 star, so he takes up a lot of room in your deck.


  • He (and his missions) is based off of Marvel superhero, Captain America, who, like Walker, was also experimented on by the army, giving him super-strength and a new body. He also wields a weapon, similar to how Captain America wields a shield.
  • The name of his third mission could be a nod to Captain America villain, Scourge.

Full Artwork

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