Clan Gheist
Bonus Stop opp ability
Ability +1 attack per pillz left
Rarity Rare
Artist Jo-1C
Released June 24, 2016
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 1/1
Stats lv 3 1/5
Stats lv 4 7/5 (ability activated)
Stats lv 5 7/7


"I connected one of the first XU brains we created to my machine. When the assimilation process began, it was night-time, so I took myself off to bed. The next day, I was all set to start implanting a human body… But apparently, the brain had created its own body! And in just a few hours overnight! Mind blowing… I just wonder whether this deadly machine is now going to obey me. Perhaps if I help it graft some new weapons onto itself..." From Vryer's notebook


  • A brainy experiment: Win 30 rounds with XU-Kr4ng

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is based off of Krang from the TMNT series. Like XU Kr4ng, Krang is usually in a large android body capable of defending itself with its weapons.
    • Interestingly, fellow Gheist member, Djengo, also has a Krang reference.
  • The words on his first level pretty much means, "urban brain".
  • Also on his first level you can see a fetus that looks like the creatures from the Alien franchise.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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