Xantio-Serum 2.0 is the newest version of the Xantio-Serum made by Jaxx Ld.


It could be made from/used in Xantiax Gas, which is the gas that made the Berzerk clan, as it's presumed that the Xantio-Serum could be made from/used in Xantiax Gases.

The only original information that is certain on this compound is from his latest Ld release:

After having tracked down the latest sample of Xantio-serum 2.0 stolen by the Rescue, Jaxx Ld has got it into his head to create an easily distributable version in the shape of a candy. His aim is to contaminate the entire population of Clint City and bring the city to its knees, which is just the sort of plan the GHEIST approve of.


Unknown, but the Ld missions in the release that mentions this compound may hint it's zombifying those who ingest it.

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