Yetis are an anamorphic race of creatures in the Urban Rivals universe. They are mainly seen on Mount Glatz and to a lesser extent, the Northern Mountains. While little is mentioned about the Northern Mountain ones, the ones from Mount Glatz are known for their love of technology (which mixes both machinery and the ice and snow from their habitat) and are aligned with the Frozn.


  • Frozn Yetis have light blue skin and hair with some primate-like features in the face, hands and feet. There are some with pointy ears, but it seems to be a trait among the higher-ups of their culture. They are also capable of growing beards and hair on their heads like a Human (as well as balding like Rahanpah), while the Northern Mountains might have brown fur given Dwan's bio. Female Yetis tend to have more feminine builds and physical features.
  • Although the Frozn Yetis have recently made peace with the Humans on Mount Glatz, many tend to stay in their homeland of Frozenra. Frozenra seems to have aspects of Norse culture in their society.
  • Due to being use to their cold environment and their heavy fur coats, Frozn Yetis tend to have problems in warmer climates where large cold generators are needed.
  • Most of the Frozn Yetis (except for Tiwi Ld, Brok, Drak and Lowki) have 'ah' at the end of their names.
  • In Hive and Vortex's timelines, the Yetis have been nearly rendered extinct with the exception of Mjollnirah. Though she was later turned into a Bioroid.
  • According to Krompah's profile, the Yetis are pagan.

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